If you’re looking for a little weekend inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve started a new weekly column called Women We Love, where I’ll post about inspirational ladies worldwide who encourage confidence, self-love, and positivity.

Today’s post is dedicated to a woman I’ve been following for over a year. Rachel Brathen, also known as yoga girl is a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and yoga teacher who spends her days in Aruba. At 19, Rachel left everything she knew and moved to Costa Rica. With no money and no plan, Rachel had to take a giant leap of faith, trust herself, and follow her heart’s desire to explore.

Today, Rachel teaches yoga full-time in Aruba, gives motivational speeches, and works to save dogs through rescue shelters while encouraging a life of yoga, self-love, and positive mindfulness to millions of people each day, side by side with her adorable goat, Penny!

Following Rachel on her journey taught me what it means to be human. Rachel does not hide her true self. She has her good and bad days, as we all do. She embraces them as wholeheartedly and honestly as she does her good days. Rachel has shared her loss experience with raw emotion, refusing to apologize for her grief and encouraging the idea that social media can be a space of intimacy, honesty, and connection through joy and sadness.

As a newly inspired yogi and avid searcher of a healthier, happier lifestyle- Rachel has genuinely inspired me to take a chance and follow my heart, wherever it may take me. If you want to learn more about Rachel or join me and the lovely community in following her journey, you can check out her website and her Instagram.

I hope Rachel can touch you as deeply as she has in my life. Is there someone who inspires you in such a way? I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration!