Pursuing a dream is hard. It takes commitment and long hours of pouring yourself into your goals. Pursuing a dream that leads you to a road rarely traveled is even harderAlong with your own self-doubts and fears, there are outsiders who will remind you of how unrealistic and far-fetched your dreams are. Maybe you want to travel the world or write a book. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of starting a band or opening up your own shop. Whatever it is you want to do, it lights a spark in you like nothing else.

If it takes so much of your heart and soul to take the road less traveled, without any guarantee of success, why do it?


Sometimes we forget about the things that truly make us happy. Life is like that. It can get so hectic and demanding that we push aside what we want. For the longest time, I was so afraid of disappointing my parents by traveling instead of settling down that I started to do things for them. I looked for more serious work positions and set aside my dreams of traveling. It made me miserable, and only recently did I decide I was going to follow my heart, wherever it took me. If there’s something you love to do, be thankful that you know what that something is and follow it with everything you have!


When you imagine pursuing your dream and making it a reality, you feel a sense of purpose. It’s an idea your mind constantly travels back to and explores. It opens up an entirely new world of chances that awaken something in you that most things cannot reach.  People may think it’s crazy and completely unrealistic, but if your dream speaks to you, it’s your job to listen. If it’s something you can see yourself putting your whole heart and self into, it’s worth giving it a chance.


We’re given the recipe for a happy life from a young age. We go to school, graduate, get a career, and settle down. We’re told to sacrifice ourselves while we’re young so that we can be secure and happy when we grow into adults. For some, this may be their path and bring them happiness in their lives- which is great! But what if that’s not the path you see yourself taking? If your path goes against everything you know- don’t fight it. It’s a sign that’s just for you. It may go against everything you’ve been taught to follow, but not everyone is meant to follow the same straight and narrow path.


Believe it or not, this is a good thing. It’s great, actually! When you’re passionate about something, you fear failure, not being good enough, and making mistakes. You’re afraid because you’re protective of what you love and want to thrive in your passions. Making mistakes and facing rejection are all part of the journey. Granted, they’re the not-so-pleasant stops on the trip, but it makes reaching the final destination that much sweeter. Don’t let your fears stop you from getting out there and getting messy. It’s better to be afraid and jump anyway than wonder, what if?


In the end, it really isn’t about being successful.  The more you focus on success, the more prone you become to losing yourself in the pursuit. Stay true to yourself and to who you are. Don’t worry about if people will like your ideas or agree with what you’re doing. Not all of them will, and that’s okay. Don’t tweak or change your path in hopes that you will gain more acceptance. You lose a piece of yourself in the process with every small alteration. People like what’s real and authentic. It’s scary to be completely open and vulnerable, but it’s also something we need more of for that very reason. Believe in what you’re doing wholeheartedly for you. The rest will follow.

What’s your dream? Have you ever been to afraid to follow what you wanted to do? I’d love to hear about your experiences and stories!

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