This time last summer I was frantically planning my backpacking trip across Europe. There were so many countries I wanted to see that I couldn’t possibly fit all of them into my trip of just over two months. Whenever I would ask friends for advice on which countries were a must-see, there was one I couldn’t hear enough about- Spain. I just had to see it. I grew so intrigued by how enchanted everyone became when retelling their stories about their travels in Spain that I chose to start my trip right in Madrid itself!

Here are just a few of the reasons that you will fall in love with Spain on your visit

Charming Gardens and Parks

Spain is full of gorgeous parks and gardens that decorate the land between museums, art galleries, and busy restaurants. Buen Retiro Park is one of the largest parks in Madrid, with rose gardens, park trails, ancient sculptures, and monuments that adorn the natural scenery. In the center of the park lies a marvelous fountain where you can enjoy a peaceful boat ride while overlooking the park.

Wander The Streets 

The delightful cobble-stone streets are seemingly endless and full of new discoveries to be made in Spain. The narrow alleyways have something to offer at every corner. You can wander the streets for hours and marvel at the wonderfully coloured buildings and inevitably run into busy plazas, cozy restaurants, or art galleries you may have never stumbled upon otherwise!

Explore Rich Art, Culture, and History

Spain is rich in ancient history, culture, and art that beautifully mark the passages of time. Whether you’re roaming through the gothic alleyways and churches of Barcelona, viewing the stunning artwork of Gaudi in Park Guell, or visiting the many museums and art galleries Spain has to offer- you will be immersed in the history and culture of the country. It’s all over the city. It’s in the streets, walls, and museums- you can’t miss it!

Visit Beautiful Beaches

San Sebastian (Basque: Donostia) is a city that has been off the radar until recently, and for good reason! This beach city is celebrated for it’s amazing food culture, with pintxos (also known as tapas) like you’ve never had before. One or two delicious tapas, a drink, and then you’re off to the next bar! A wild nightlife, renowned surfing beaches, natural scenery including the Island of Santa Clara, and a captivating town with great shopping- San Sebastian is the ultimate city of indulgence!

Have you ever visited Spain before? Where would you love to travel to?

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