If you’ve followed along with my blog recently, you might know that I’m starting the whirlwind journey of working in my dream job as a teacher. After over five years of University, I’m now working as a supply teacher.

Ever since I was young, I have dreamed of being a teacher and having my class one day. I never thought I would one day be working in my dream profession! It’s been such a busy and exciting journey, and although I don’t have my classroom just yet, I’m looking forward to this new chapter.


When you start working in your career, you’re starting at the very beginning. Every day is a learning opportunity- you’re just starting to get your bearings. It’s completely normal to feel out of your depth at first. It’s perfectly okay to have questions, to ask for help, and to feel out of place or lost. You’re not meant to know everything immediately, and there’s no shame in asking for help. Most of the time, people will be glad to answer your questions and to help you in any way they can! After all, they were once in your shoes too.


You will inevitably make mistakes when you’re starting a new career. I know that I have and still do! Don’t beat yourself up for it or dwell on what you could have done differently. The only way we learn is through making mistakes and using them as opportunities for growth. I used to feel so down and disappointed in myself when I made mistakes at work. It had me questioning whether I was good enough when the reality is it would be strange if you weren’t making mistakes. This is something I teach my students every day, and try to live by myself as well. There are so many important lessons you can learn from your mistakes if you look at them from a positive place!


There will be days where you’ll leave work feeling tired, stressed, or overwhelmed and that’s okay. Not every day will have you feeling inspired and fulfilled- and that’s normal. Although it’s your dream job, it’s still a career filled with challenges, ups and downs, and learning curves. Your dream career isn’t meant to be perfect- it’s meant to challenge you and keep you striving to do better. When you have a tough day at work, it’s okay to be left with more questions than answers and struggle with confidence. There is only growing on the other side of struggle and challenge.


Whenever I encounter a challenging day, I think about the days that made me want to become a teacher. I think about the days that left me feeling inspired and with a whole heart. Those are the days that make this journey so worth it to me. The days where you feel defeated are when it’s important to remember why you’re in this career in the first place. If this is something you genuinely love, you’ll get past the challenges and come out with resilience and a stronger will to be successful in your passion.

I’d love to hear about your experiences! Have you found your dream career yet? Do you work in your dream career, or are you still pursuing that goal?