I choose what I post on social media each day. When I wake up, I consciously try to show my best self, my happiest memories, and my proudest moments.

In my ongoing journey to love myself, I’ve not always been honest with social media. I have left out the not so picture perfect moments, fearing what the world might have to say about them. Moments where I’m fed up with my job and feel myself drowning in stress and frustration. Moments where I completely question who I am, what I’m doing- my self-worth, my am I good enough moments.

Being vulnerable is scary. It’s uncomfortable. It opens you up to judgment. But it’s also honest. It means something.

If I’m going to share my journey, it should be truthful and show every twist and turn, however ugly it may seem. No one is perfect, myself included. My self-love journey started because I felt like a stranger in my body. I did not like the person I was, and I couldn’t bear to accept the flaws I felt defined me. I was angry at the world, and it was angry right back at me.

During a dark period of being consumed with self-hate, acting out with self-harm, and feeling the strong urge to quit while ahead, I decided to do something differently.

Change. I desperately needed change. Rather than trying to change myself, I started working on changing the way I thought about myself. I wanted to look in the mirror and finally feel at peace with the reflection staring back at me.

This is why sharing these darker moments with me is important. We all go through them, whether we choose to show them or not. I’m not in any way saying we all need to show our true selves and reveal our personal tribulations along the way. This is something I feel I should do, in order to stay honest with my message.

How do you feel about your presence on social media? Do you feel you can be vulnerable through your social media presence? I’d love to hear from you!