It’s officially October which means that Autumn has finally arrived! Autumn is by far my favourite season of the year. The brilliant bursts of color, the cool, crisp air, warm tea and a good book- the list is endless.

With fall being a season filled with so many exciting opportunities for adventure, I’ve come up with an Autumn Bucket List for 2018. If you’re not sure what to do this season, , keep on reading for the top things to do this fall season

1. Go pumpkin picking – It’s a classic and one you’re hardly likely to forget, but an Autumn bucket list is incomplete without this one.

2. Enjoy the outdoors – Make the most of the season and enjoy the colors with a fall hike, or head out for a drive through countryside roads to admire the golden leaves.

3. Visit the farm – Each year, my best friends and I visit the farm for our yearly family trip. It’s a tradition we’ve kept up over the years, and one I cherish dearly. There’s something so nostalgic about the farm. Tractor rides, apple picking, home baked goods and hot apple cider are always on the list. This is by far one of my favourite things to do.

4. Cozy up to a book – There’s no better time to delve into your bookshelf than in the fall. I’m a firm believer in a good book, a cup of tea and a cozy space to read while the weather cools outside.

5. Have a movie marathon  – What’s autumn without a trip down memory lane? Classics like Goosebumps, Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus and the Adam’s Family will have you ready for Halloween in no time.

6. Donate your clothes – I’ve always been one to sift through and clear out my wardrobe whenever the seasons change. Go through your clothes, set aside the things you no longer want and donate them to a shelter or to a thrift shop.

7. Learn a new recipe – Taking on the task of learning how to cook means finding new fun and delicious recipes.

8. Visit an escape room – Although you can do these all year long, they seem like a fitting thing to do in the fall season. Try out a creepy escape room to get you into the Halloween spirit.

9. Bake, bake, bake – Autumn is the one season of the year where you can bake as much as you want and not feel guilty about it! Bake a pumpkin pie and enjoy it with a nice hot cup of tea and one of the many books you’ll be reading.

10. Decorate your space – Whenever I decorate my room and add little details for every changing season, I feel newly inspired! It may sound silly, but a bit of decor can truly lift your spirits and have you feeling motivated again.

11. Go Camping – Head out on a camping trip to enjoy the beautiful burst of color fall has to offer. Soak up the vibrant views while sleeping under the stars on a lovely fall trip.

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