I think a huge kitchen blunder that every home cook faces at least a couple of times in their lifetime is:
“What the hell am I supposed to do with this chicken?”
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are a freezer stable for most people, but it can get tedious trying to think of creatives ways to cook them without getting bored.
With Pinterest providing us with countless amounts of ideas for our chicken breasts, I can’t help but notice the absence of one of my long-time favorites:
I’ve seen marsala’s, I’ve seen crockpots, I’ve seen roasting, and I’ve seen how to make your chicken breast unwrap itself and do your laundry.
But what happened to that good ol’ basic chicken breast? It’s one of the first things I learned how to cook in the kitchen when I was younger. Why you ask? Because if you have perfected the pan-fried chicken breast, you’ll never run out of ideas.
I repeat:
If you perfect the pan-fried chicken breast, you will never run out of ideas.
This method is your gateway to create any sauce you can think of to smother all of its juicy goodness in. It’s your gateway to salads, to meal preps, to midnight snacks straight out of a cold tupperware. Perfect your pan fried chicken, and you perfect the world.
Sort of.
use this basic recipe in: 
– turmeric spiced chicken & veggie cauliflower rice
– spicy chicken & vegetable noodle stir-fry
– spring quinoa salad
– quinoa chicken fried “rice”
– chicken & sesame stir-fry quinoa bowl
– chicken with red pepper balsamic toss
– chicken & onion cheesy bread
Pan Fried Chicken Breasts
makes 3
Freshly ground pepper
Ground Sea Salt
Garlic Powder
1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce
To start, you just need to keep things very simple. After washing and patting dry your breasts, pour on your olive oil and soy sauce and flip to cover each side. Proceed with coating each side with a generous helping of ground pepper, ground sea salt, and garlic powder. I didn’t add measurements because ultimately this goes off of preference, so use your own judgement. Cover and let marinate for 20-30 minutes.
Heat an oiled skillet on medium-high heat and allow it to get hot. Not too hot where it’s smoking, but hot enough that when you place your hand over the oil you can feel the heat. Add each breast in a single layer with enough room to breathe. You don’t want to crowd the skillet, so either make sure your pan is big enough, or work in batches. Allow each side to cook for 5-6 minutes flipping only once. In doing so you’re ensuring yourself a nice crispy crust.
Transfer the breasts to a plate and allow them to rest for 10 minutes. This will keep your chicken super juicy and fantastic. Serve up anyway you like and then do a dance because you just perfected the pan fried chicken.