Single at 30: Tips to Being Single, 30 Something & Happy

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and if you are deciding to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead, but not quite happy about it, here’s our tips on how to be 30, single and happy.

Tip#1 Shift Your Mindset

When you are single and wanting to be in a relationship it’s easy to overlook all of the positive perks you are taking advantage of as a single woman. Changing your mindset is the key to how you view being single. Rather than focusing on friends within your circle being married, instead  shift your mindset to the opportunities that exist given your single status. Appreciate this chapter of your life and realize this is part of your journey.

Tip #2 Enjoy Working on Yourself  

Being single is the opportunity to work on perfecting yourself before fully committing to someone else. This could mean focusing on your career, dating to see what you want in a partner or just taking the time to truly understand what you want in your life. Being single allows you to be selfish and being in your 30’s gives you the knowledge to value the time to learn to love yourself and work on yourself like never before.

Tip #3 Appreciate Your Free Time  

Being single means being the owner of your time. Instead of feeling lonely, embrace your ‘me time’ and feel truly comfortable being by yourself. When cabin fever sets in, you can always escape for time with friends, family etc. Now is the time to say ‘Yes’ to all of the things you’ve been wanting to do. Surviving solo trips and forcing yourself to do things yourself will allow you to become stronger than ever.

Tip #4 Learn What Exactly You Desire 

Not everyone gets it right the first time – you are at the age where you are ready to settle down with the knowledge and desire to learn exactly what you want. When you are single, experiences like dating and failed relationships serve as lessons to know exactly what you want. Relationships in your 30’s tend to be more serious the older you get because you are auditioning for your lifelong partner. If you aren’t confident in what you want, your non-negotiables, etc. you could risk wasting time in relationships that don’t work for you.

Tip #5 Know The Stats

– According to a study conducted by Pew Research, fewer millennials will be married by the age of 34, with as many as 25% of today’s young adults possibly staying single forever.

– 50% of marriages end in divorce – beat the odds by knowing exactly what you’d like to see in a partner.

– After age 30 we don’t see many changes in our personalities. This could mean we are finally the most comfortable and stable about who we are

– You are more financial stable later in your 30’s  – According to an analysis by Payscale, women earn the most when they’re 39.

– National Marriage Project found that college-educated women who stayed unmarried throughout their twenties earned more than $18,152 annually

– A Huff Post article sites that true happiness is BEGINS by 33! This could be perfect timing for your next relationship!

Tip# 6 Know What Being Single & 30 Says About You 

You don’t need someone to make you feel amazing. If you are single in your 30’s here’s some fact about you:


  • You don’t settle
  • You have patience
  • You are working on your own dreams
  • You are growing in your independence
  • You are experiencing life lessons to bring to your future relationships


If you are single in your 30’s we’d love to hear your experiences below.


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