Night Time Routine For Success Before I Go To Sleep

Having a good night time ritual is very important in determining your night’s sleep and how your next day begins. Something that impactful on your life should not be ignored! Before I go to sleep, I make it a point to set myself up for success for the night and next morning.There are many simple things to add to your pre-bedtime routine that will ensure a great night, so here is a great list of simple things that will make all the difference. If it seems overwhelming to completely change your bedtime routine all at once, try adding just one of these tips per week. Soon, you will have an awesome bedtime routine that will set you up for a successful night’s sleep.

1. Wash your face and mouth

I am surely a firm believer in good hygiene. If I go to bed feeling dirty, I will just feel restless and uneasy. Wash your face and mouth before bed, not only for hygienic reasons but also for mental reasons.

2. Stretch

Stretching before bed has many benefits, such as reducing discomfort and improving relaxation. I like to stretch in the shower, as the hot water also helps to relax tired muscles.

I personally find it most important to make sure my legs and back are stretched out well, as they tend to hurt often. I am on my feet a lot so my legs take a good beating throughout the day. Be sure to modify your stretching routine as you find fit for your body.

3. Get ready for the morning

Take some pressure off yourself in the morning by preparing for it the night before. I particularly like to take this time to make a checklist for the next day. I write down notes that I learned today and tasks that need to be completed tomorrow. Not only does this put me ahead for the next day, it also helps to keep me focused. As an added bonus, it helps your mind to work as you sleep. There have been many times that I get “unstuck” on something in the morning because I was thinking about it at night.

There are many reasons that a morning routine is just as vital as a night time routine. Use these simple tips to improve your morning routine as well.

4. Turn electronics off and lights down

It is important to get your body in the right mood before bed so it knows to prepare for sleep. If you do not turn off lights and electronics before bed, it can confuse your internal body clock, they keep your mind stimulated, and can create stress or worry.

Since most of us are stubborn and must still use electronics before bed, try one of these methods to help reduce the effects of the lights before sleep:

  • Turn brightness on low
  • Use devices with a smaller screen
  • Use smart lights
  • wear amber-lensed glasses

5. Write down what you are grateful for

As you will read in my previous post on how to improve your morning routine, I personally use a journal every morning and night! It is cute, simple, and a great reminder every day.

Practicing gratitude always has amazing benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety by making you feel more optimistic. Doing this right before bed will help set the tone for that night and the next day.

Putting anything down on paper, such as a goal or an affirmation, makes it tangible and real. Write a list of gratitude including anything that you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter if it is something small or large. You can be grateful for not only past events but future events as well. Write it all down.

6.Repeat Affirmations Before I Go To Sleep

It is highly recommended to practice regularly reading, saying, or listening to positive affirmations. Here are some of our favorites. Try reading these affirmations or ones of your own. Try a few different ones per night or switch them up per week. I also make sure I repeat affirmations first thing in the morning. Read about that here!

Here are a few nighttime affirmations to get you started. I personally use these, along with many others. Happy affirming!

  • I am blessed
  • I am safe and secure
  • I am grateful for the experiences that were brought to me today
  • I am calm and at peace
  • I release what no longer serves me
  • I am ready for sleep
  • Stress and worry are released
  • My mind and body are calm, and I am prepared for sleep
  • I have done my best today
  • I have used kindness in my thoughts today
  • I let positive thoughts take their place
  • I do enough
  • I have enough
  • I am going to sleep peacefully
  • Let it go
  • I am falling asleep with only positive thoughts of my day and my life

Do you have a bedtime routine that you are dedicated to? Do you know of any calming activities that can aid in sleep? Please, let us know in the comments!

We also know how important it is to start your morning off on the right foot to have a successful and productive day. Go check out our guide on improving your morning routine today and this mirror exercise before meditation!

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