I always thought I had to be in a certain place in life at a certain time. Have you found yourself believing that you have to accomplish something before you turn 30? While I believe we should always have goals to achieve the best, everything happens for different people at different times. Read on to know the myths I would like to dispel about turning 30.

You Have to Have Kids by 30

Data proves that women are having children later in life. Times have changed and women want to take more time to develop their careers at 30 and are putting children on the back burner. While children are a beautiful gift at any age, if you haven’t conceived by your 30s you are similar to many women in their 30s.

Yes, a lot of your friends may have children younger than you, but time and time again we see older women give birth in their late 30s and 40s. Of course as you get older you run the risk of fertility issues, which you should take seriously (5 things that happen to your body in your 30s and what you can do about it). While everyone has different views, opportunities and limitations, luckily we have alternative options to become a mother since there are so many helpless children in the world wanting and needing parents to adopt or foster. Also with advanced technology we are able to work to combat infertility. It’s important to educate yourself on the best decision for you, but you aren’t alone if you planning on getting pregnant later in life.

You Must Own a House

Another shift we’ve detected in society is more and more people are taking different paths when it comes to homes.

From the evolution of tiny houses to the nomadic lifestyle of serial airbnbers and the overall change in the way we live, more millennials aren’t buying houses and are pushing it off for later in life.

In some cases, depending on where you live, it could be better to rent rather than buy. However, if owning a house is your jam, work to make it happen and just know you still rock at 30 sans a mortgage.

30 is Old

Is 30 old? Haven’t you heard? 30 is the new 20 and life is all that you make it. At age 30, you have a better grasp on your finances, you’re truly yourself and you don’t care what others think – how liberating is that? You have a plan or you are totally comfortable winging it – mindset it key. Keep your mind young and your spirit fun. With all the newest technology to help you continue to look young and fabulous paired with your dedication to get in a few workout sessions in a week, you are in great shape. Just keep the things that age us as top things to avoid at 30, like stress, bad food and not taking care of our bodies.

You Must be Married

If you are single by 30 or not yet married, you are not alone! Never put a time stamp on something so monumental in your life. Also, because many of us lived through the recession, we’ve prioritized our goals to start businesses, pay off our student loans and excel in our careers and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It can be challenging to see friends around us tying the knot while our ring fingers seem lifeless as if it will always be bare. But we have to remember to focus on our own goals and never compare to our peers – we know what’s right for us, which may be wrong for others. I always believe God will send you the right person, opportunity, job, house at the right place and right time.

Never settle on something as big as marriage because “it should happen at 30”.

You Must Have Your Dream Job

This is a tough one because you work your butt off in your 20s to have everything you’ve ever imagined after you’ve paid your dues.

If you’ve turned 30 or are in your 30s sans your dream job, you most likely have a job doing something to lead you to your dream job or opportunity. Keep an open mind and don’t over pressure yourself to get the job you are most ‘passionate’ about, because passion is a feeling that can change. Here’s a really good TedTalk that actually tells you to Stop Searching for Your Passion.

It’s not uncommon for your idea of a dream job to shift in another direction and to want a career change at 30 to rediscover what that dream job looks like. As long as you have a plan in place, stay inspired, focus on the positives and what you can control, you will be in good shape.

What myths have you dispelled in your 30s?


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