If you’re looking for ways to be mindful in your everyday life, here are a few tips to get you started and feeling optimistic for the week ahead.


There is something about putting your goals, dreams and vision out into reality. I find that creating a vision board with my goals, inspiring photos and quotes above my desk helps me to stay motivated and positive throughout the week. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for almost anything, and it’s where I keep my online version of my vision board.


Sign up for a yoga class! Whenever I feel as though I need to be grounded, I head to a yoga class and let go for an hour of my day. If you can’t make it to a yoga class, try meditating through a video. Try one of my favourites, Yoga with Adrienne if you haven’t already! Clearing your mind can genuinely help you to feel calm, refreshed and ready to take on the day


Cleaning can be a meditative and calming act in itself, but having an organized space is a great way to clear your mind. I’m a firm believer in getting your personal space in order before anything else. A clean and positive space is one of the best ways to cultivate calmness in yourself.


This is one that I always encourage as it’s one I’ve been practicing for years. Start writing in a journal daily, or even weekly. Writing out about your week or how you’re feeling is a great way to tap into your emotions and state of mind.


One of the biggest differences I feel is after having a social media detox. Most of us are all guilty of spending more time than we’d like to admit on social media, or watching Netflix. Deleting your social media Apps off of your phone for a few days or weeks is a sure fire way to get that much needed break. Rather than switching on Netflix to relax, try reading a book to disconnect.

These are a few practices that I try when I find I need more balance and time to myself in my life. What are some things you’ve tried with mindfulness practices? I’d love to hear about them!