After university, it gets trickier to find people to make friends with. I just feel like this can be a very helpful post. I think there are a lot of things I knew even just a few years ago. I just want to share my perspective and my insight. Also, how you can look at your chart to see how to utilize that energy in your chart. So, that you can make more friends and just have more fun in your after university. So why not?

I really thrive in communities. I love making friends. I feel like I’ve been very blessed and lucky to be a part of many different friend groups and friendships. It’s interesting because growing up, I felt like I was a bit lonely still within these friend groups.

As I got older, I understood why that was. That has a lot to do with children and everything, but I won’t go through all of that. What I’ve learned turning 30 is that it takes effort to make friends. It does take effort and you have to be willing to really prioritize it. You have to be willing to check in on your friends. This is a very easy thing, just go and check in on people you haven’t talked to in a while. Just be like hey. How are you, doing was thinking of you, how are you doing? You know like something very simple. You can do this through social media text messages what not you can do that.

Make sure you’re focusing on them and not yourself. Right, you want to focus more on like how are they doing. Are they okay? You know, as I think, a lot of people what I’ve noticed is that they might not um really I guess know how to do this. Maybe they’re just like afraid to reach out because it’s been too long. What I’ve noticed is that most people are very happy to reconnect or talk to friends. At least, you know if you vibed well like if you unlike understood the vibe of things. Then they’re happy to hear from you, they’re happy you checked in. We’re thinking of them. I think it’s flattering for people to think that like you know you’re thinking of them right. Because in this day and age we really value connection. We really value community and being a community owner myself.

Another way to make friends is to join groups: to join communities, online communities, in-person communities, and sports events. This is a great way to join a group of people, that value the same thing as you. So, if you really value being active and playing volleyball and that activity then join a volleyball team. Just join that. If you really value bitcoin, you can join bitcoin communities. If you really value certain things in your life, self-development groups, follow those people. Just follow people who inspire you, your mentors.

They often have communities of their own. They often have like those communities. So, why not meet a bunch of people and make friends that way? Why not do that? I think it’s just so beautiful and such an amazing thing. That’s what I’ve done for myself. I’m a part of like, I don’t know, now I’m a part of like 10 communities. It’s hard for me to keep up sometimes but I do feel like I’ve met some really really amazing friends through those communities. I’ve met just some amazing people. I really really appreciate that.

I think it’s a natural thing for us to kind of change our group of friends every few years. Right we’re constantly growing and evolving and it’s okay. If you know, you can’t see your friends from kindergarten all the time. You’re always gonna have that friendship and maybe you won’t feel as close. I think that’s important to actually care about those people. I think, sometimes we can just feel alone and isolated. It’s hard for us to kind of focus on other people but it becomes easier when you’re focusing on others. It gives room for other people to focus on you too.

I think it’s just finding the right kind of people. The right kind of people that are good influences on you, that really support your growth, that supports you. What you’re doing that are in the same place or up like a higher place. That you want to be at that could mean anything. You know what I mean. Yeah, I think that’s really important another way to meet friends. Is I know bumble has the bumble BFF app? I personally haven’t used it yet, but I think that’s a great way to meet new people. Just to it provides an icebreaker. It like lets you just meet individual people if you just want a one-on-one friendship. I think that’s a great way to make friends.

Another way is to just reach out. Just be like hey. Can I gift you reading or can I like do you want to go out for coffee sometime or whatnot like. Make sure like you can you’ve talked to that person a few times or like if you’ve met at a networking event. If you have like you know networking events, you can go to those events and like talk to people there. If you have a good vibe then just be like hey. Are you open to having coffee sometime or even if you post on community groups there are Facebook groups? You can just be like hey is anyone open to meeting up on zoom every week. For like just a community call or whatnot right.

It could be so many different things that you can do. Just find your people to find more friendships. I think it’s just being open to that and very being intentional about making friends too and just knowing that like everyone is human. Everyone really seeks to be seen, heard, and validated. This is why I’m an astrologer and why I give birth chart readings. Because so many people like us need that feeling of being seen, heard, and validated. This is a human need Oprah talks about this. It is a human need to do that and feel that. The more you’re able to give that to other people the more you’re able to receive. It is as well right. Sometimes it’s really hard to do this. If you’re in a very bad depressional state, I would recommend just calling a hotline. Calling a professional because that is important to do first. Then reach out to your network. Reach out to friends. Reach out to other people as well and build up that community.

I hope this was helpful. I feel like the more. We kind of normalize. The sense of making friends in our 30s, in our 20s like after college. I think it’s important. I think you have to be intentional about making friends. I think you know finding different ways. Like even just seeing who like. If you want to meet a friend in a library, just be like oh what book are you reading or whatnot. Of course, not being creepy or like if it feels unnatural to you. Maybe, there’s a different way of making friends. Right like, really think about what feels natural for you to do. Who, what kind of friends do you want to make. Write down your values and seek friends with similar values to you. If you do not value partying and staying up all night, do not try to make friends with people who only party and stay up all night. Right like, think about what you value and find friends in like those feels like if you think of.