Since spending so much more time at home lately, I’ve become a lot more invested in my bedroom’s decor. A bright, well decorated bedroom can make such a difference in your mood and work ethic. If you feel your space is dull or you’re just bored of it, sometimes all you need is a bedroom refresh.

So, I’ve come up with a list of simple changes and details you can add to your bedroom to completely revamp and freshen up your space.

Neutral + Bright Walls

Right now, bright and neutral painted walls are everywhere. A brighter space can make your room look bigger, not to mention a lot fresher. I’m a huge fan of bright spaces and of neutral tones because they’re so easy to find matching decor for. I recently brightened up the color of my room from a dull purple to a light, neutral peach and absolutely love it. My entire bedroom was completely refreshed in just one step. Sometimes all your bedroom needs is a color change to feel completely transformed.

Wall Art + Decor

There’s something to be said about what a bit of wall art and decor can do for your bedroom. Wall art and decor makes a room feel a lot more personal and welcoming. It can also revamp your space with a few new pieces. I personally love art from Urban Outfitters as well as prints from photographers who I love. Fairy lights, small shelves and mirrors are also perfect pieces for adding detail to your bedroom.

Rugs + Pillows

I’m currently on the search for a new rug for my room as I’ve seen it transform spaces! A bright rug underneath your bed or on your floor space is a great way to revamp a room you find a bit bland or boring. Light rugs with simple patterns and bohemian details are beautiful additions to have in your bedroom. Pillows are also a lovely addition to your space. So if you’re looking to change the look of your bedroom, add a few new pillows that reflect your style!

Plants + Vases

I’m a firm believer that plants can brighten up any space. There’s something about nature that brings a breath of fresh air into the atmosphere. So, I’ve been learning how to properly care for plants with all of this time spent at home lately. I’m definitely a fan of real plants over fake plans as it’s much better for the environment, and they add a more authentic feel. If you find your bedroom feels a bit cold, plain or dull, add a plant or two to your space to revamp the atmosphere.

What are some of your favourite shops for home decor & interior design? I’d love to hear about your top home decor spots.

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