How to Make the Most of Your Grey Hair in Your 30s

Today this post will be about gray hair and how you can transition from dyeing your hair to letting your gray hair grow out naturally and gracefully. So, if you are thinking about growing your gray hair and you are trying to find inspiration on how to do it with as little stress as possible, keep on reading this blog!

Before I start, I want to tell you a short story about my hair. I had been dyeing my hair since I was a teenager. At the time it was just for fun and it looks cool at the beginning. It was like different colors amber rob and all sorts of colors just to go cool starting. After I had my second daughter, my gray hair started growing. In the beginning, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to it. I just continued to dye my hair as I normally do a couple of years ago. It started to feel a bit more intense. I had to dye my hair every six to eight weeks and every time my roots started growing out. If I had a ponytail or poured my hair up it was very obvious. I started to get very insecure about my hair because I was a little bit older now.

How to Start

I started a diet brown or dark brown color. It looks more professional when I go to work. At the same time, I’m getting very insecure about having gray hair showing. I was looking online doing all sorts of research, trying to find a way to grow out my gray hair without stress. When I finally decided that I am gonna let my gray hair grow out, I was getting a lot of pressure from some of my family members. So, in my house, the vote is 50/50. Half the people’s vote for it will be fine and then half the people were like no you can’t do it. It’s not gonna look nice. It’s gonna make you look old. Just be prepared when you start this process you might get voices from your circle, from your friends or family. They meet how you different stories tell you your opinions, their advice. So, just be prepared – you’re gonna hear these noises but at the end of the day. It’s for yourself. It’s what you feel comfortable with and what you embrace.

I think what eventually make me decide is the fact, that first of all, tying my hair every four to six weeks is getting a little too frequent. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable about putting all those chemicals in my hair. At the same time, I started to see these trends coming in women are embracing their change. I see a lot of women being able to transition to create hair very gracefully. They are beautiful with their gray hair. That’s when I decide I have to do it and I can do it.

I’m gonna give you a few tips if you are thinking about transitioning into gray hair. These will be a few tips on how you can do it as smoothly as possible. I hope, it helps you. So, there are a few ways that you can transition into gray hair.

Stop Dying Your Hair

The first way is to just stop dyeing your hair. Altogether the good thing about this is that once you make a decision, it’s done throw away all your hair dyes at home. It is an intimidating process. So, depending on your hair type, your original hair color, and how your great hair grows out. Once you stop dyeing your hair, your gray hair will start to come out. There will be a time around six months or seven months you will see a clear division of your tied color and your gray hair. It may look very intimidating. It may look so different on you. You may feel like you have to go back to dye your hair. It will take time, it will take 12 to 18 months for your gray hair to completely grow out and replace your tied hair like me. Some people trim their hair very very short when they started the process. So, that the hair will grow at the same pace as your regular hair. Some people may just let it grow out in long hair. It’s up to you to decide during the process. You can report your hair in a different way to hide it like me.

My gray hair comes on one side mainly. So, if I have part of my hair where it would look very obvious. Luckily, my part has always been this way. So, when I parted this way it doesn’t look like I have a full head of gray hair but just like this section. It looks like a highlight everyone’s hair is different. So, my hair doesn’t look like I have a lot of gray hair. If I go in and part my hair, I do have a lot of small pieces of grey hair here and there all over my head. It just doesn’t grow from my part down. So, it depends on how your gray hair grows.

Another way of letting your gray hair for a while. I have been using this way since the beginning before I completely stopped it. I use semi-permanent hair dyes. I have these Roy cool semi-permanent hair dyes. So, the semi-permanent hair dyes die your hair. It’s washable. So, it will last nine to 15 washes. So, after you dye your hair your gray, hair will be covered in whatever colors you choose. It does not offend your gray hair coming in. The dye will gradually come out and the gray hair will show up. It doesn’t go in the hair to make it a permanent color. I used this method at the beginning. It’s cheating a little bit. It’s not completely coat or key but again the purpose of this is to make it as less stressful as possible. Because if not you have to go to work as a professional woman. You are very self-conscious about how people look at you then. This would be a way to make it a little easier.
Another way that you can transition smoothly is to use awake. I’ve seen people cutting their hair completely short. You can use a wig to cover your hair during the process. You can use a wig if you have to go to work and your professional image is very important. So, gray hair will continue to grow out and once it gets to a certain length, you can remove the wig and just go to work in gray hair. It’s pretty awesome.

Bleach You Hair

Another way that you can transition your hair is to bleach your hair. Although I don’t recommend this method to anyone that is not a blonde just because bleaching your hair is very damaging to your hair. It can be very expensive and time-consuming to maintain. I do not recommend bleaching your hair if you are blonde and you are still very conscious about your gray hair growing in. You can bleach your hair and just let your whole head grow in. At the same time, as your gray hair starts growing in, I have a few tips for you to mane your gray hair. First of all, continue to maintain and care for your hair just because your gray hair is growing. It doesn’t mean you can stop maintaining it and caring for it. Its do your hair once you stop dying in. I have seen my hair grow healthier and healthier. You can use purple shampoo to care for your gray hair. I use purple shampoo for my whole head. It’s not gonna do anything to my darker hair.

Use a purple shampoo and make your whites white and shine sound like a highlight. It’s pretty cool. I highly recommend using a purple shampoo a couple of times a week just to maintain your gray hair also. Continue to care your hair just like your normal hair. Use a good conditioner, use a good leave-in conditioner once. You stop coloring your hair. You may realize you have a lot of baby hair coming in. That’s healthier, because we stopped using a chemical on our hair. Our hair is gradually restoring the natural balance that it should have. Continue to style your hair as you normally do.

Support System

The last tip that I have for you guys is that: try to find a support system. Find a friend to talk to about your decision, find a friend to talk to about your process of transitioning into gray hair, and find something, that will listen to you and support you during the process on Instagram on Facebook. There are communities of people, who get together to share their stories of transitioning into gray hair. I highly recommend you join certain communities to listen to other people’s stories and share your own. As well that makes us more confident during the process, makes us more comfortable, and being able to embrace our change, this whole process is gonna be very empowering.


I hope once you make the decision, you will stick to it. You see the result that comes out. I hope, you find it helpful.

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