This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot more lately since entering my late twenties. Growing up, I heard countless times that it’s much harder to make friends once you’re an adult. I never knew how true that was until I finally reached adulthood myself. As we grow older, our jobs, families, and life obligations take up most of our time.

Sometimes, we forget to prioritize friendship which is normal- life can get hectic. As I’ve grown older, I’ve lost friends through the different seasons of my life. I used to worry about the number of friends I had in my life, but I’ve realized now that the quality of those in your life is most important. So, how do you make genuine friendships in adulthood?


If you have a hobby, use it as a way to connect with others! If you love photography, there are tons of photography meet-ups happening in almost every city. Start a conversation with someone before class or look for yoga events and workshops when you’re at your next yoga class. Sharing a love for something is a great way to grow genuine friendships.


The best way to meet new people is to get outside of your comfort zone and to try something new! Sign up for a cooking class, join an amateur sports team, or attend a workshop about something you’re interested in. There are so many different events happening that are created to help people socialize.


If you’re craving a trip somewhere but don’t have anyone who’s able to go with you, book a trip with a travel group! These trips are great ways to bond with a group of strangers and to create friendships with unforgettable memories. One of my friends met the love of their life on a trip like this, and they’re now married. Of course, you never know who you’ll meet on these trips, and you may not meet your new best friend on a trip abroad. But you’ll have the chance to meet people worldwide and create lifelong memories together.

If you’re okay with solo travel, book a trip for yourself. Traveling abroad is a great way to meet new people since most solo travelers are looking to meet new friends too.


Let’s face it, as adults, we barely have enough time to take a break, let alone make time for ourselves. That’s why it’s key to put the effort into setting aside time for your friends. Sit down and plan out your month. Make it a priority to have girls catch up at least once a month. Talk to your friends and try to plan time together whenever you can. It takes more effort to keep friendships as an adult, but it’s worth it.


When you are hanging out with friends, try to go to social spots where you can meet others too. If you’re anxious when meeting new people, being around your friends can help you come out of your shell and feel much more confident. If I’m hoping to meet new people or to socialize, I’ll go out to a Paint Nite, a class I’m interested in, or out to activity with friends. That way, we can spend time together while meeting other people with the same interests as us!


Good things take time. A real friend takes quality time to bond with and to make. Just like in a relationship, take your time. Get to know the person, have meaningful conversations with them and build trust as you spend time together. Genuine friendships will happen naturally, and you won’t feel the need to rush them or force them.


As we grow older, the number of friends we have often dwindled to a select few who have been with us through thick and thin. Don’t worry about losing friends as an adult. Some people are meant to pass through our lives to teach certain lessons, while others are meant to stay with us. Having a few friends you can genuinely trust and depend on is much more essential.

Have you found it harder to make genuine friendships in adulthood? What are some ways you meet new people? I’d love to hear your thoughts.