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How To Heal A Broken Heart In 5 Simple Steps

Attachments to prior pain can cycle endlessly, seeming like there’s no end. Learning to heal a broken heart is as simple as making the clear decision to move on.

There’s no going back.

When you are at ease with this idea, then you are ready to heal. This message utilizes a meditative perspective to healing heartbreak, therefore, breathwork, visualization, and affirmation will be the tools used to heal properly.

With all that being said, I’d like to present the 5 – step process for healing emotional pain:


1. Present Moment Self-Awareness

Present moment self-awareness is like a status check of your being. It is being present and aware of any triggers coming up. A trigger is any thought, idea, event, image or memory that stirs up an emotion in your body which causes you to close. To keep an open heart, an open conduit for your source of infinite energy, you don’t ever close. So you stay vigilant on any small thoughts (triggers) that may coerce you to close.

A thought pops up in your mind, either spontaneously or triggered by an external cue, since emotions are completed in the body we do a status check of where you feel it in the body and what it feels like.

You may be numb to the subtle sensations of your body, so you may need to eat a plant-based diet, cut out sugar, initiate an herbal cleanse, engage in fasting, do breathwork, do yoga, and self-care practice.


2. Breathe and Focus the Feeling

Now that you’ve got a trigger in your awareness, you can focus in on it.


Ask yourself, “What does it feel like?”

Focus the feeling. What does it feel like to feel this pain? What does it feel like when you think of this person? What does it feel like to relive this experience? Have compassion on yourself. No judgement, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Breathe.

Now that you know what it feels like, you know how it lives in the body. And you know how to let it go.


3. Let it Pass Through You

There is an inherent fear of pain here that many people have.

Relax, through the pain; surrender to it, don’t fight it. Really feel the pain. Explore it. Allow the breath to be the main source of “pushing” through to the relief. With a detached, non-judgemental mindset (you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions), you will get through this.

Breathe. Let it pass through you. It’s like lightening a load. Dropping the weight. Let it all go. Let it pass through you.


4. Epic Visualization

Hold the feeling of letting go.

Now imagine your body as a cookie-cutter gingerbread man.

Holding this image in your mind with eyes closed, recognize it as your body.

Fill your body up with white light radiating from the center, outwards. Make it as bright as you can. If you can feel any part wanting to be dark, hone in on it and fill it up with light. Be patient with yourself, you can’t do this wrong. When you filled this image with as much light as possible, put shades on and make it brighter.


5. Breathe and Hold Space

At this point, you’re clear but vulnerable. You’ve done healing, but the wound is fresh and depending on how deep it can take considerable time to heal.

The spirit can heal instantly. The mind can take days. But the body can take years to heal itself of pain. To accelerate this process, you must hold space. Recognize that the body is a child in many ways, and needs to feel safe to begin the restoration process. This means, getting into nature and laying in the grass, writing your thoughts and emotions out on paper, spending time with animals, hanging out with spiritually-inclined folk, stretching and doing yoga to enhance your newfound emotional flexibility, and eating a lighter plant-based diet to lessen the digestive load.

This method should be put into use daily. Every moment is an opportunity to heal. Every trigger is a signal to let go. Anything that coerces me to close is truly encouraging me to be smaller. Resistance is a signal to open my heart in the face of fear. These are the traits of the spiritual warrior.


As a little bonus, I would like to add a sixth step:

6. Do not miss too many sunsets!

This may be just a personal opinion, but there’s just something magical about a sunset that makes everything better. As a bonus tip, I find it important to relax, catch a sunset, and just enjoy the simple beauty in life. This was also part of my morning routine! Check out tips for a successful morning routine here!
Your growth is of prime importance. Let go of anything that makes you feel small or limited. Treat these things as bricks to lay down as you build your empire.

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