I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! The last few weeks have definitely been an adjustment. We’ve found ourselves in a new kind of “norm” that feels quite far from it. There are days where I feel more motivated than ever, and other days where I feel exhausted.

Tough days are part and parcel of the good ones- you can’t have one without the other. But, tough days might be feeling a bit tougher lately with everything that’s happening. Here are my tips for how you can take on the tough days during quarantine.

Try To Keep Some Of Your Routine

Even on the tough days where you hardly feel motivated to get out of bed, try to keep some of your routine intact. When you let your routine slip for a few days, it can be tempting to fall into that habit. It’s definitely okay to have a day or two where you spend your day in bed watching Netflix. I’ve been there, and secretly, I love those days. But it’s important to have some kind of a routine, goals, and activity throughout the week. Whether it’s keeping your routine for meals or exercise, make sure to keep a few things as part of your day.

You Don’t Have To Be Coping

There are going to be those days where nothing seems to go right. If you feel unmotivated, tired or fed up that’s totally normal. These days are going to come with the good, and the best thing to do is to let them come. You don’t always have to be coping. We’re in a very strange and uncertain time right now, so it’s expected that some days will feel scary or exhausting. Embrace the bad days that come with the good, and remember that they too will pass.

Reach Out To Friends + Loved One’s

I find that whenever I feel down or demotivated, staying on my own too long actually keeps me in that cycle of thinking. I’m an introvert, so I love my time to myself but when I’m having an off day it helps to talk to friends or family. We’re all going through this together and can help each other just by having a chat. Facetime or call a loved one. Have a Houseparty call with some friends. It could help you get out of your funk, and at least take your mind off of it for a while.

Let Go Of Guilt

You might have days where you feel you’re not doing enough, or a good enough job at something. Or, you might even just feel guilty for having a bad day. You guys, we’re all struggling. No one is out there being their best and most productive self every single day. It’s just not happening. Don’t feel guilty for not always being productive or letting yourself have bad days. If you need a self-care day to lift yourself out of that funk- then do it! Your mental health is so important, and guilt will only make you feel worse than you may already feel.

Focus On Your Future Goals

Is there a trip you’ve always wanted to take? Have you been wanting to redecorate your home? Start planning your future trip! Jot down ideas for some at home DIY projects. Pinterest is my number one source of inspiration right now and I’m loving all of the ideas I find there. Focus on what you’ll be doing once things finally settle. It’s important to have goals and an end in sight.

We all have them whether they last a day, a week, or a few months, bad days happen to the best of us. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s a normal part of life and you should be having a bad day or two every now and then. As a perfectionist, I find it hard to accept that I can’t always be perfect, or positive, or do the right thing. Some days I get overwhelmed, stressed out, or upset and I just don’t want to look on the bright side. All I want to do is eat Ben & Jerry’s while watching Friends in my pajamas all day (to be fair, I do that even on good days)

If you’re having a bad day, here are some things to remember that can help you embrace your bad days:

Your Emotions Deserve To Be Felt

Sadness, bitterness, vulnerability, anger and any other emotion you may feel on a bad day deserves to be felt. Like all emotions, the only way you can pass through them is to experience them fully and to let yourself completely feel what it is you need to feel. These emotions are not unworthy or too negative to be embraced. With the good comes bad, and growing through such experiences are the very reason these emotions exist!

You Don’t Always Have To Be Positive

You’re in no way expected to be positive 24 hours a day, every day, regardless of what is happening. You don’t always need to look on the bright side, or stay positive when you’re feeling down. There are days where I feel like I should be positive and help lift up those around me, but it’s just not my day. You can’t force yourself to be happy and encouraging at all times. You shouldn’t have to disregard your feelings in fear of looking weak or negative because embracing a bad day and everything that comes with it takes courage! Be sad, cry, and feel what you have to feel.

You’re Doing Your Best

You may not feel like your best is enough which is why you may feel disappointed in yourself, but just remember that you’re doing your best. Things may not be going according to plan- but do they ever?! That’s the thing about life- it never goes the way we planned, and often our grand expectations aren’t met. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you are brave for always trying- you are in no way a failure for trying. Life is unpredictable, and it’s much too short to sweat the small stuff.

Count Your Blessings

When things seem dull, grey or confusing, remember all that is going right. Think of all of the things, people, and memories you’ve been blessed with in this lifetime, and remember that these bad days are fleeting, and pass by just as quickly and suddenly as they came. You’ve had them before and you’ll have them again, but they are only temporary and good things are yet to come!

How have you been handling the tough days? What are your best tips and advice? Let me know below!

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