The gym and I have always had a love hate relationship. In all honesty, I used to loathe going to the gym to work out.  I dreaded every second of my work outs and would make up any excuse I could just to leave early. I stuck to one side of the gym (cardio) and never ventured out of my comfort zone. These days, things couldn’t be more different. I’ve fallen in love with the gym and with the way it has me feeling afterwards.


One thing that keeps me going to the gym is constantly switching up my workout routine. I’m always on the look out for new workout videos on Instagram to add in some new exercises. Sticking to the same machines and routines often left me feeling bored and unmotivated. I’m currently loving Danielle Robertson, Katie Crewe, and Tammy Hembrow. Check out these ladies for inspiration!


I used to be extremely shy at the gym; there were parts of the gym I hadn’t even seen for months until recently. It’s okay to have no idea how certain machines work and to be afraid to venture off to the more intimidating sides of the gym. Don’t let the fear stop you from pushing through towards your goals. Everyone was a beginner once, too. Ask someone who works at the gym to show you how a few of the machines work- they’re always glad to help! A small tutorial will go a long way.


I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard someone utter the saying, “fitness isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle”. Well, here I am a few years later to tell you that I am now one of those people. I know, I know, but it’s the honest truth. When you start working out, you realize how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to eat well. All of that hard work could be lost if you neglect your diet. Stay on the lookout for healthy recipes you can add into your diet!


At the end of the day, adopting a healthy lifestyle and workout plan is a commitment. It’s a dedication of your time, energy and willpower. It’s not easy, but once you find your own routine, it’ll be simpler to stick to. Seeing and feeling the results of leading a healthy lifestyle have been motivation for me alone. I used to put off making the commitment whenever I could; I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start next week, and so it went. One day I simply decided I was going to really invest my time in this commitment, and I haven’t looked back since.

What are some of your ways to keep your workout routine fun and motivating? I’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks!