Being Single in 2022

In this blog post, I want to talk about being single in 2022. We already wrote about best cities for dating, but now Valentine’s day just passed in February and a lot of girls and boys are single in the midst of a pandemic.

If you don’t know, I’m almost in my mid-30s. It’s stacking up. The numbers are stacking up. So, it’s kind of like do I care that I’m getting older. Let me eat. Do you want to care about being older and being single?  I find my situation unique because I have lived in three or four different cities. So, far I have had a lot of life experiences. I changed careers, maybe three or four times. Already stacked up on the degrees and the different types of jobs that I’ve worked. Different industries have done a lot so for me. I needed a relationship to validate me and feel accomplished in life with my experiences, and my choices. Just how I use my creativity, how I use my skills and my talents. How much I dream and how much I go after these dreams. These things defined me, never a relationship. However, I always longed to be loved and to love.

I love love. So, I definitely have had my share of relationships and the good and the ugly. At this point in my life, I don’t feel like I necessarily missed out. You know, by not being in a relationship right now and on top of it I do have a child. So in a way, I kind of started my family. I mentioned that because for a lot of single women, as they get, you know in their 30s, mid-30s, late 30s, they start thinking: «You know I need to pop kids like it’s getting.» It’s getting late, but for me, that’s the kind of out of the way. So, that’s another reason why mentally I’m not stressed about being or not being in a relationship.

Emotionally I do get lonely. I’m a woman. I do get lonely. I do long for you know a long-term partnership. Someone to share dreams with someone, to make plans with and see the world, and go on adventures, and have our inside jokes. Create our traditions. How do I manage that well? It’s nice to make friends. Let’s not forget you can be friends. I think it’s actually very important to create friendships with the other sex.

So, that you can build on something, you’re not just starting from scratch. What’s your favorite color? It’s like no how about you. If you like the person I want to like the person. I want the person to like me. I want them to like being around me, talking to me. You know, do they like my voice, do they like how I handle myself, do they like my hygiene, do they like my hobbies. You know, like someone that.

You want to build a life with or continue building a life with you. Gotta like them, not just love them. You gotta be able to you know enjoy their company. Enjoy what they like to say or even want to hear what they have to say. So, I just I’m telling you girls, ladies: make friends. They will check on you. They will talk to you. Until they claim you. Until they are in their mind. They know that that’s the lady. They want to be with or that. They want to pursue something more. They’re not going to put a name on it. They’re not going to ask you officially. They might have two or three of them. You know these types of connections. They won’t put a title on it until they know for sure.

Main Advice: Be Friends

So, ladies, do that, be friends. Doesn’t matter how many. Just learn to like someone from the opposite sex. If you’re heterosexual, learn to like someone who you know. You talk to someone you see. Do you like their presence? Do you like their mindset? Do you like how they see the world? Do you have an issue with even? How do you see them? Spending their money like it could be as detailed as that. Do you like how they eat? I’m not just saying how they chew their food. Do you mind their diet? Are they someone, who’s always eating out? Are they always buying junk food? That’s gonna matter later on because you’re gonna do groceries with that person. If you’re the type that you want to be healthy and you want to have a healthy household. If nutrition is not an important goal for them, that can be a subject of you. Know arguments. My goal as a single woman in 2021 is to find or develop further develop a friendship, a romance. Whatever it is with someone who I find, we have mostly agreeable traits, mostly agreeable components to our connection. You know the least amount of compromises. That’s how I would like to put it.