Your twenties are filled with a lot of changes, new experiences, ups & downs and growth. It can be hard to feel confidence during a time where you’re meant to be exploring different avenues in life and experiencing a lot of unknowns.

There’s also the pressure to follow an invisible timeline. Buy a house, have a steady relationship, get engaged, and have a steady career. Beauty standards also bring their own set of pressures. Images of beauty flood our feeds on social media each day. We see what is perceived as being beautiful through a lens.

Confidence is a work in progress. It’s something each of us struggle with in our own way. As I reach my late twenties, I realize how far I’ve come in the way I feel about myself. Of course, I’m not where I’d like to be and definitely have my low self-esteem days. I’ve come a long way in my journey to feeling confident throughout the years. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned about cultivating confidence in my twenties.

Don’t Stress About Having a Timeline

Everyone has a different timeline. What’s meant for someone right now may simply not be meant for you in this moment. It doesn’t mean you’ll never get to experience it, and it doesn’t mean you’re late to the party. I have friends who have bought their very first home, friends who have gotten married, as well as friends who are single and traveling the world. There’s no right or wrong path for you to be on right now. Whatever feels right for you is exactly where you should be. Let go of worrying about the timeline you think you should follow.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

This one might seem obvious, but it can be so incredibly hard to do. You might not even know you’re doing it. There are times when I’m on Instagram scrolling through, I often find myself looking at models wondering why I don’t look anything like they do. I like to go through the accounts I follow on my Instagram every few weeks and unfollow those that don’t make me feel good about myself.

I focus on what it is I love about myself, especially on days where all I can see are my flaws. It’s okay to have things you’d like to work on with yourself. But, it’s also important to point out what you love and appreciate about yourself.

Experiment With Different Styles

Your twenties are a time for experimenting with your style. I used to think that I had to fit my fashion sense into one particular style. I’d look at photos of outfits and think, that looks great but I could never pull that off. One thing I’ve learned is that confidence comes from you. If there’s something you’re nervous to wear, just go for it. Try new styles, experiment with things you’ve always wanted to wear and let your style evolve along the way.

Realize What Your Limiting Beliefs Are

Think about which areas in your life you feel that you limit yourself. Be honest with yourself. We are often our own worst critics. What are some areas in your life that you feel you’re lacking? Do you use kind words when speaking to yourself? The thoughts you have often shape your choices and how you feel about yourself. Realize what your limiting beliefs are, and work to debunk them. Learn what you should let go of, and what thoughts are worth keeping. Confidence is a work in progress and a journey we’re on throughout our lives.

Leave Room For Growth

One thing I’ve learned over the years is how important it is to forgive yourself. Growth only comes from making and then acknowledging your past mistakes. Without mistakes, there would be no growth. I’ve made plenty of mistakes while navigating through my twenties. I’ve said things I wished I could take back, missed opportunities out of fear, and made decisions I wouldn’t make today. It’s all a part of the journey. I don’t dwell on those mistakes because I took a lesson with me from each of them. If you can learn from your past choices, you can cultivate positive change and growth in your life.

How do you cultivate confidence in your daily life? What are some things that help you feel confident?

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