I started tuning into Apple podcasts shortly before turning 30 and I must say, listening to podcasts was a life changer for me. Initially, I began listening as a form of therapy to help boost my confidence in the workplace, which also to doubled as a daily learning session for my 30 minute commute to work. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made as I prepped for my 30’s and I totally recommend podcasts for women in their 30’s.

Here’s why: 


As I grew closer to age 30, I realized my immense interest to want to learn and gain knowledge about my career, about the world, politics and many other topics that I didn’t care much about before. Listening to different people speak on different messages helps to open your mind to a new perspective and way to think regarding a given situation. I found myself able to have access to more knowledge, facts and opinions that I may have never received otherwise.

Communication & Vocabulary

After listening to people from every walk of life, don’t be surprised if you find yourself communicating more effectively and picking up different ways to express your thoughts. Hearing these brilliant minds talk so passionately will naturally increase your vocabulary as well.

Inspirational Podcast Interviews & Stories

Learning unique tactics to grow in my career, increasing my financial education, becoming more confident and even starting this blog are all action items I’ve developed by the inspiration of a podcast. Listening to a new story or speech everyday before work inspired me to want more in life – hearing all the great accomplishments from peers proves that the things that seemed impossible are in fact possible. Also listening to stories and struggles that others go through proves you aren’t alone in your feelings and failures are normal.

Friendship & Mentorship

It may sound weird, but hearing your favorite podcasters speak every week and open up to you about their life makes it feel like you personally know them. I’m pretty introverted so connecting with friends at 30 can sometimes feel like a challenge. Finding new friends is an even bigger task, so having my podcast crew makes me feel like I’m apart of something bigger and have inspiration surrounding me. Getting to know these podcasters has helped me appoint some of them as my personal mentors and inspirational leaders.

Commute Companion

If you are like me and have a 25min. + commute to work, you’ll love using podcasts as your escape. I used to listen to my favorite music playlists and while top 40 would get the job done, nothing was able to capture my attention better than a juicy podcast. I love the fact that Podcasts distract my wandering mind from thinking of all of the day’s tasks or thoughts after a stressful day’s work. If you aren’t faced with a long commute (lucky you), podcasts are great companions for a flight, workout, during your 9-5 (depending on what you do) or Sunday morning inspiration.

I have many podcasts on my playlist, but below are my favorite inspirational podcasts for women in their 30’s:

The Lady Gang

Category: Advice for woman

My Favorite Episode: Interview with Dr. Kay Durairaj

The Lady Gang is comprised of 3 successful woman: Becca Tobin, Jac Vanek and Keltie Knight. Each week they humbly talk about their good week and bad week in a relatable way. They are down to earth and offer lots of laughs throughout the hour show. Also, the ladies interview other women (sometimes men) and discuss topics that women in their 30’s are sure to connect with.

No Limits

Category: Stories, Entrepreneurship

My Favorite Episode: Interview with Bozma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer of Uber

This is a new one that I just began listening to and I can’t get enough of it. Each week Rebecca Jarvis chats with influential women to discuss their stories, riskiest decisions and milestones. It is truly mind blowing and inspirational to hear women from major companies like Uber and Facebook in addition to successful entrepreneurs spill their failures and fears. It really has shown me that if they can do it so can I!

So Money

Category: Finance, entrepreneurship

My Favorite Episode: Interview with Joanne Bradford, Chief Marketing Officer at SoFi

Farnoosh Torabi is a money expert and my unspoken mentor. She releases a podcast episode Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I never miss a beat! Not only does she educate you on life and money, but she curates financial advise from woman just like us, from money failures, to guidance, to “So Money” moments, she’s got you covered. This is my favorite podcast recommendation for my ladies in their 30’s looking to change their financial outlook.  Check out Guide to Managing Money in Your 30’s for my in-depth guide on money.

NPR Politics

Category: Politics

Favorite Episode: Weekly Round Up: Live in Cambridge

If you don’t like listening to the depressing news, but want to know what’s going on with the world, this is for you. NPR politics provides the latest political news in a digestible format. The panel is able to break politics down in a way that you’ll be talking White House acronyms in no time. The crew also speaks to important topics that are trending and expose the inside scoop from people on the ground at the White House.

Reality Life With Kate Casey

Category: Celebrity Gossip

My Favorite Episode: Interview With The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici

This one is my guilty pleasure that I indulge in as my weekend treat. Kate talks to the most popular reality TV stars and asks them the questions you’ve always wanted to know. From the Hills, to Real House Wifes, the Bachelorette and more, you’ll be sure to be intrigued to know the facts you least expect from your fave reality stars.

The Charlene Show

Category: Self Help, Confidence Booster

My Favorite Episode: 2 Things You Need to Have Confidence in Any Situation

Charlene Johnson is a fitness guru, author and entrepreneur. I listen to her when I need a confidence boost or guidance in life. Whether you are struggling with career issues, weight challenges or life in general, her pumped up voice and motivational talk gets you out of your chair and thinking positive again.

Do you ladies have any podcast that can be related to life at 30? Comment below.



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