Welcome to our blog and today we have prepared for our readers a blog post about the best cities for dating in your 30s.

But when you’re under 30 that’s usually how it is, right? Just got out of college, got a bunch of student loan debt, you’re starting at some job and you don’t get paid much in the beginning. Yeah, a lot of us have been there. Or maybe you don’t have the college thing, you’re just starting out of high school, need a place to live, that has work and people around your age. So, how did we figure this out? Sort of easy! We looked at cities with a good size population of people that are in their 20s, cities that had jobs or were close to cities that had jobs. And cities that saw a lot of traffic on dating apps and websites. It was that simple, we just pushed all those together and came up with this list. We also looked at the cost of living, but to be honest, if it had jobs, it didn’t have a low-cost living. A couple of them did. One thing we did, is we took some of the more ridiculous costs to live cities out of this list, like New York City, San Francisco Boston, and a few others. They had a lot of traffic on the dating sites and they had jobs things, but they’re just far too expensive, so we just pulled them out completely. That’s today’s list of the best places to live for singles in their 30s in no particular order. Let’s see what we found!

5. Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma is what they call the SeaTac area. It stands for Seattle + Tacoma, that’s the name of the airport up there. Tacoma is far less expensive and is close enough to Seattle where they have plenty of good-paying jobs. A lot of companies in Seattle are helping their workers move out of Seattle to the surrounding area. They could work from home and be close enough for the occasional in-person meeting. 

Anyway, Tacoma is ranked as the 14th city in the nation for dating app traffic. Tacoma’s overall cost of living is only 10% higher than the national average, goods and services are only 5% above and housing is only 11% above the national average. Now compare that to Seattle which is right up the road. Their overall cost of living is 58 higher than the national average, goods and services are 37% higher and housing is 124% higher in Seattle.

4. Paradise, Nevada

Paradise is part of the Las Vegas metro area. In case you don’t know what is known as the Las Vegas strip is not Las Vegas, it’s Paradise, Nevada. Paradise is also next to Henderson, Nevada which puts that in with Las Vegas, Paradise, and Henderson and that’s pretty much the Las Vegas metro area. Las Vegas metro area is sixth when it comes to using dating apps in the nation, and they have about 3 000 new 20-somethings moving in each year. Vegas area has jobs and a decent cost of living. Paradise overall is 4% lower than the national average and 6% lower in goods and services. Their housing is 8% lower than the national average. Those are good numbers.

3. Des Moines, Iowa

You’ve probably got your mouth open right now, but Des Moines is a great place for people that are in their 20s. And I would add one little thing, that is probably people in their 20s, that isn’t working in tech or have a college degree, that type good blue-collar jobs are. What makes this place shine, is the cost of living, which is dirt cheap. They’re 15% lower than the national average overall, with goods and services being 7% lower, housing is 35% lower than the national average. You could save some money; you don’t need a killer job to live in Des Moines. Some people say, it’s a little boring and it probably is, compared to Seattle, Los Angeles, or something like that, but not everyone is into cities like that. Some people like a little bit quiet, no matter how old they are. But Des Moines they don’t like it that quiet. Des Moines is the 11th city in the nation when it comes to dating app traffic. And oddly enough, they’re number four with people that have those seeking arrangements accounts. Des Moines is growing in the under 30 age brackets at a pretty good pace right now. They’re seeing about 800 new 20-somethings every single year. 2020 take that out of the equation because we all know that was a mess.

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In the last three decades, Oklahoma City has taken off. They’ve grown by almost 250 000 residents. Of that, the largest demographic is the 18 to 35-year-old people. when you see the things that are popping up around Oklahoma City you can tell that it’s becoming a place for the younger types. check out the scissor trail park and river sports adventures placed

down by the river, it’s an amazing thing. that whole area down there is turning into a young people-type place. Employment is good in the old reliable sectors for Oklahoma the federal government energy industry. But Oklahoma City also has a growing tech sector that’s attracting a lot of young college graduates.

The overall cost of living is 12 % lower than the national average; goods services are 8 % lower and housing is 21 % lower than the national average. Oklahoma City is a good place to live right now.

1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga has a lot of things to do and plenty of people your age to do them if you’re under the age of 30, and they’re attracting a lot of good jobs. Chattanooga has the potential to be one of the next hot spots for tech and stuff like that. Maybe not as much tech, as just some of the more modern jobs. As far as the under 30 crowds, goes Chattanooga, they use the hell out of those dating apps. The cost of living here is decent especially for a place this nice.

In Chattanooga the overall cost of living is 9% lower than the national average, goods and services are 7% lower and housing is 18% lower. This is not a bad place to live and those are solid numbers.


That’s today’s post about the best places to live for singles in their 30s. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you got some information about the best cities for dating in your 30s. Thanks for reading our blog.