With our many daily priorities and packed schedules, we all have to pick and choose what to make time for. Therefore, Guide to 30 is presenting our daily beauty tips and on the go beauty secrets for what NOT to skip in your beauty routine.  I appreciate that all of these may not be a fit for you, but select your favorite to add to your makeup regimen for a natural look as a 30 something. Plus I’ve included is the #1 skin care product that changed my skin.

Individual Eyelashes Extensions

Now, before you freak out, if applied naturally, these can blend in seamlessly with your own eyelashes. The reason why I like this option is because individual lashes last a few weeks and allow you to look instantly awake without mascara. The best part is many salons offer this service, making it a breeze to have your lashes applied.

If lashes are not your style I recommend a voluminous mascara such as NYX Super Luscious Mascara, my budget friendly personal fav at the moment. Another cool trend is Magnetic eyelashes and solutions like Latisse, which is a serum that grows your lashes. Has anyone tried either of these?


Ever notice when you have a fresh eyebrow it changes your entire face, making you go from a hairy monster to fabulous in an instant? For this reason, I make it a point to get my eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks. With a tamed brow, it’s easy to fill in your eyebrows pretty quickly to create an even bolder brow. I’ve used Anastasia’s classic stencils for over 5 years now and I’ve mastered the ability to create a bold brow in seconds. (Most recently I saw Elf Cosmetics stencils at Target for a $1 – doesn’t get cheaper than that)

Neutral Lip Balm

If you don’t have the time or the desire to watch a YouTube video on Kylie Lip Kits to perfectly apply lip liner and matching lipstick every morning, you are not alone. However, you can’t deny the value of adding a touch of color to your lips. A quick way I’ve found to add color that accentuates my lips on the go is through the Burt’s Bees lip balm in pink or red tones. The colors are light, yet add a natural tint to your lips and are a breeze to apply in the car on the way to work.

10 Second Contour

Face contour has been all the rage lately, but if you are anything like me, adding contour lines to perfection takes a lot of time that I just don’t have! However, I can’t dismiss the dimension and detail that a contour adds to your face, giving it a 3D effect and bronzed look to match. What I have found to be quick while giving a similar effect is using the NYX  Matte Powder along with an angled EcoTool bush. Simply apply on your cheeks and preferred areas of your face for contour, and viola!

A Good Eye Cream

I’ve always heard that applying eye cream is one of the things to do before you turn 30 because it will help your eyes continuously appear youthful! Truth or myth? No sure, but I’m on board to find the best eye cream for 30s! I’ve tried a few eye creams and I almost never notice a difference. Recently, the cream that has given me the best impact in decreasing puffiness and dark circles is a Clarins sample I received from Sephora. I didn’t stick with it because although the results were great, I found my eyes to be itchy and red shortly after applying. Therefore, I switched over to a Lacome cooling eye cream, which I love because it has a great chilling effect and a rolling ball for easy application, allowing you to avoid using your fingers to touch the cream. I can’t really speak to the reduction of puffiness or dark circles just yet because I haven’t really noticed a huge difference in the short time I’ve used it.

Light Foundation or Powder for Shine Control 

I personally like to apply BECCA liquid foundation as a base because not only does it supply me with the coverage I need, but it’s a matte finish that is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. Next, I set my foundation with Cover FX powder, which provides a light top layer to lock in my mattified look.  Typically my face is pretty shiny which has driven me to prefer an all matte look that I can achieve pretty seamlessly with this foundation/ powder duo (I’ve gotten so many compliments since I changed to this combo).

However, for a quick and simplistic routine, you can apply your favorite powder for a refreshed face while maintaining a natural no makeup, makeup look.

Setting Spray

It took me a few tries to be convinced by a setting spray. So I will say finding the right one is key. I use the Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray (again oily skin problems – if you want more of a glowy look I recommend the illuminating version). Ultimately it blurs the powdery look and secures your makeup for the day. Plus there’s something about spraying your face that is such an enjoyment!


When I have no time to apply eye shadow (p.s. I never have time), I use a liquid liner or soft pencil to draw a line across my lids. When I want to get fancy I’ll create a precision winged line using a piece of tape or straight edge as my guide. Ultimately liner is super quick and gives you an awake look in seconds.

My Holy Grail Product

And without further adieu, here is the #1 product that has changed my skin and is one of my favorite beauty tips and tricks at home.

microdermabrasion machine

Having the best skin care in your 30s in a must, but personally anytime I have a pimple (I suffer from hormonal acne), I’ve been challenged with scaring pretty easily. Therefore, I’ve always been fascinated by the possibilities of microdermabrasion. The only caveat being that a single session is $300 bucks, making matters worse, I’ve researched enough to know that people don’t usually see results within the first session.

Determined to try this procedure, I watched a few video reviews and ultimately decided on the Trophy Skin microdermabrasion machine because A. I found a Groupon that knocked mucho denaro off the retail price and B. a YouTube reviewer totally sold me with her product demonstration on the machine.

Before my purchase, I watched many reviews and researched a ton. Many users said that they didn’t see much of a difference, but I noticed that most of them were doing first impressions. Remembering that you need multiple treatments to see a difference, I have used it once a week for every week since I brought it. My skin looks healthy and feels like a baby’s bottom after each use, therefore developing the perfect base for foundation to absorb into my face. While my scars aren’t completely gone, they have lessened, which is the only tool I have found qualified to do so. If you are wondering how to get beautiful skin after 30 I totally recommend this product.

I hope these tips help you implement some quick ways to add a little pick me up to your face during those busy days. Please share with your girls in their 30s and comment your natural beauty tips for glowing skin and a flawless face!

Source: guideto30.com