I’ve been looking forward to writing this post because I have been so invested in my hair lately. After touching on my beauty routine, I decided to write a post strictly dedicated to this. I’ve been on a mission to repair my damaged hair for months now. When I’m not applying homemade masks, I’m testing and trying new products & homemade masks to find the perfect solution.

I’m naturally a brunette so dying it blonde over the years has taken it’s toll. If I’m being honest, I’ve done a number on my hair. It has always been thick and healthy, so I was determined to not let it become a dry mess of split ends.

If you have damaged hair, there is hope! There are things you can do to salvage your hair, especially now during quarantine. If you’re looking to grow your hair healthier and longer, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top tips on how you can repair and grow healthy, long hair.

Give Your Hair A Break

Under any other circumstance, I’d have a huge issue sticking to this. Before, I would have used a curler or straightener everywhere I went. Now that I’m spending my days at home, I’ve taken a total and complete break from all heating products. Give your hair a break from heat. Let it air dry, and try styling without using heat. Look for inspiration on cute, simple styles you can incorporate into your routine.

Invest In Olaplex

I say invest because Olaplex is not cheap. I’ve heard so much about Olaplex and knew it was something my hairdresser used on her clients and praised. I decided to buy the line (Numbers 3-7) to see if it was worth all of the hype. Olaplex is definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about repairing damage and encouraging growth. The active ingredients work as a bond builder and strengthener, which restores damaged or compromised hair. It also works as a breakage insurance so that your hair grows strong and healthy.

Be Careful With Hair Ties

A few months ago, I started noticing breakage at the back of my head. My hair would break off at half the length of the rest of it. I had no idea what was happening until one day my hairdresser asked me what ties I was using. I was using those plastic spiral ties and because I tied them tight for ponytails, I was causing breakage. Instead, opt for soft scrunchies and tie them lightly whenever you can to avoid damage.

Use Treatments

This is something all of the hairdressers I’ve spoken to over the years have each given. Use hair treatments as often as you can. Make sure that they are higher quality treatments (not drug-store bought). I like to use the Olaplex N3 mask, as well as the Mon Platin Black Caviar Mask which has been a favourite of mine. I also make moisturizing homemade hair masks as often as I can. I love to use olive oil, honey, and avocado in my masks.

Trim Your Ends

I used to never trim my ends. I wanted it to grow after all, so why would I trim off all of my progress?! It turns out, trimming your split ends is key to maintaining growth. Otherwise, it will keep breaking and will stay at the same length! Let your hairdresser know that you’re trying to grow your length, and make sure they know to only touch up your ends. If you do this every few months, you’ll notice your hair not only starting to grow longer, but it’ll look much healthier too.

What are some ways you’re keeping your hair long and healthy? Have you found your hair routine improving during quarantine? I’d love to hear about your favourite tips, tricks and products!