When we have too many things on the go in our lives at once, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed and burnt out. As I grow older, I’ve learned that more doesn’t always mean better. Having a never ending to do list, a packed schedule, an e-mail inbox filled to the brim is just anxiety inducing! The more disheveled your life seems, the stronger your wellness, mental health and motivation is, too. So, I’ve come up with 7 easy ways that you can simplify your life today

Declutter Your Room

It’s important to have a calm, organized and inspiring place to call yours. I am notorious for holding on to things I should have thrown away months ago. Once I started to clean out my space and throw away what I no longer needed, I noticed a huge difference in the atmosphere. My room felt clean, organized,  and calming. Throw out anything you don’t need or use anymore. Clear off your desk and leave only what you use regularly.

Organize Your Social Media

Sometimes, you need to go through a big social media clear out to feel refreshed again. Look through what profiles you follow and engage with. It’s okay to unfollow profiles that don’t make you feel good, or that don’t align with where you are in life at the moment. Make your social media a space that’s positive and inspiring.

Edit Your Schedule

Make some edits to your monthly schedule. If you’re not already, make sure that you’re writing in your schedule, whether it’s in a planner or online. When you write out your schedule, you can physically see if you’re overbooking yourself. Remember- simplify. Keep it simple. If you have a lot going on, make sure you schedule in your you days too.

Clean Out Your E-mail Inbox

I know this is probably one of the worst tasks ever, but it really is a must. Having an overflowing inbox makes you end up dreading opening up your e-mail; which we don’t want. Set aside time to go through your e-mails and delete + unsubscribe from anything you don’t need.

Create a Daily Routine

Life is a lot simpler when you have a set routine every day. Even if it’s only possible for you to have a few things that you do regularly,  set those tasks for yourself. Constant unpredictability and uncertainty can cause stress and feelings of overwhelm. A bit of routine and predictability goes a long way in simplifying your life.

Say No When You Have to

This one is big. Saying yes to invitations and favors because of the guilt of saying no is no stranger to me. But this can leave us feeling exhausted and drained. It’s okay to say no when you genuinely don’t feel like doing something. When I find myself overwhelmed with tasks, I make sure that I’m only saying yes to things that I feel I can do. If I’m not feeling well or I’m exhausted, I let those in my life know so they understand why I’m saying no.

Set Aside a Day For Self-Care

Self-care is talked about a lot these days, which I think is a wonderful thing. Self-care doesn’t always mean pampering yourself and creating affirmations (but it also can be if that’s what you need at the time). Sometimes, self-care means doing one of these six tasks to declutter your space and your life. It might mean doing the things you’ve avoided because they’re not enjoyable, but will benefit you a lot once you do them.

I’m always reading up on how I can improve my health so that I can genuinely be present and prioritize my health. To simplify your life means to take the chaos out of your daily routine and to take care of your health.

Self-care is exactly that, even if it’s for one day of the week. For me, my downtime comes from being outside in nature. When I spend time outside, I always feel calmer and more refreshed. Think about what you need most right now, and invest in yourself by doing just that.

What are some steps you’ve taken recently to simplify your life? I’d love to hear about your tips and experiences.

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