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7 Stats That Prove Why 30s Are the Best Years

It’s pretty obvious that we are all awesome, amazing, intelligent and fabulous 30 something’s (hair flip), but if you want the science behind the 30’s awesomeness, checkout the 7 stats behind why we are the coolest age group in town.

#1 Your Best Decade

100 year olds sited 30’s as the best years of their life! How powerful is it to know that people who’ve lived their fullest life reference 30’s as the fondest decade of life?!?

#2 – You Aspire to Accomplish Something Great

It’s proven that years ending in 9, i.e. 29, inspire life changes in preparation for the end of one decade and the transition to the incoming decade.

#3 You Experience A Sexual Peak

Next, research reveals that woman hit their sexual peak in their 30s, which could be attributed to feeling more confident in your own skin.

#4 Salary Peak

According to a pay scale, woman hit their salary peak at age 39. If there is one thing to love as you get older, it’s the financial stability that comes with your 30’s.

#5 Your Personality Stabilizes

Harvard and Science is Us psychologist both suggested that after age 30 we don’t see many changes in our personalities. This could mean we are finally the most comfortable and stable with who we are.

#6 Most Likely to Buy Your First Home

Your 30s can create a time for some pretty big purchases. The median age people buy their first home is age 32 .

#7 True Happiness Begins in Your 30’s

A study found that 70% of respondents over the age of 40 claimed they were not truly happy until they reached 33.

If the hard data isn’t enough, here’s some reasons to look forward to life in you 30’s:


  • You have a stronger understanding of money and have more disposable income
  • You learn to know exactly what makes you happy
  • You’re more confident than ever
  • You’re young enough to know what to care about and old enough to know what to not to care about
  • You are the wisest and most experienced you’ve ever been
  • You’re living your dream or the closest you’ve ever been to reaching your dreams.


So the next time a friend or fellow 30 something is down in the dumps about age 30, forward them these stats.


In the meantime, comment your unique inspirational experiences that have made your thirties amazing so far!


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