You’re constantly day dreaming of packing your bags and hopping on a flight somewhere far off from your daily routine

If you’re finding it hard to focus on your every day life and are constantly slipping away into a dream-like fantasy of traveling the world how you’ve always imagined, maybe it’s time to stop imagining and make that your reality. It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine so repetitive and dull that you lose sight of what you truly want to do and of what makes you happy. You settle for spending your time dreaming of all the sights you’ll see, and all of the things you’ll do on that day you finally decide to pack your bags and go. Instead, why not refuse to settle for the day dream and actually live it?!

Your Sundays are ruined by the thought that Monday’s just around the corner

As if Monday’s weren’t dreadful enough, you spend all of Sunday wishing you didn’t have to go into work the next day. If you’ve reached this point, this is a clear sign that you a) hate your job with every fiber of your being (no kidding) and b) can no longer enjoy your days off because of how much you dislike your job. When you reach this point, it’s time for you to make some changes in your life. Traveling will give you that new sense of purpose you’ve been missing and can help you see life in an entirely new and improved perspective- a perspective you won’t be able to gain from sticking to your tiresome job and routine.

You live vicariously through Instagram and social media 

You follow bloggers and instagrammers who travel and explore the world, documenting their adventures through photos which you inevitably flip through wishing that could be your own life. You constantly look at amazing photos of beautiful landscapes and thrill seekers adventuring away, while you’re stuck behind a desk at the office living vicariously through their lives. It’s a lot less frightening to watch behind a desk as others live out your dreams, but it’s so much more worth it to take that chance and live out your dreams for yourself to experience. Life is too short to stay on the sidelines!

Going out isn’t a good enough escape anymore

When Friday finally comes around after a long week of work you usually have the perfect excuse for a girls night, or a night out at the bars where you drink enough to forget you ever had work in the first place. The only problem is you don’t seem to get much enjoyment out of it, and feel as though you need something more. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know going out only to spend your hard-earned money on a night you might not even remember isn’t what you’re missing. Instead, why not save that money towards travel- it’s an investment in not only yourself, but your future, too.

You’re always making “imaginary travel plans”

You’re not sure how it happens, but every so often you find yourself searching the top 15 cities you have to see in Europe, or browse cheap flights- just for fun. You’re not actually going to do it, but there you are again and again, searching those sites, planning out a trip you’ve never had the courage to book. My advice to you is if you’re in this constant state of Wanderlust, and can’t think of any real reasons why you shouldn’t book a flight other than your usual excuses and that fearful voice in the back of your mind- go for it! It may be scary and it may be something you’ve never done before but I can tell you from experience that the longing to travel the world will only get stronger as time passes you by, and no one wants to live wondering what could have been. Why not find out for yourself?