Lately, I’ve been looking at ways to pursue my dreams and goals while finding a balance and joy in between. Recently on the blog, I talked about how you can be productive this season which is something I’m constantly working on. I’ve been taking on new projects and have been feeling so motivated this Autumn thanks to a few new life habits that I’ve introduced into my daily routine.

With the chaos and stress of a new job, I realized that I was truly in need of some genuine life changes. I wasn’t feeling my best and I knew that I could be feeling so much better. So, I started looking into where my life needed changes, and introduced a few new habits into my daily routine. I’m still currently working on cultivating these habits into my life but have found them to make such a wonderful difference during my most stressful moments.


This change has made one of the biggest impacts on my life and is one I can’t recommend enough. Each morning, I start my day early whether I have a job scheduled that day, or not. I leave my house early to give myself time to grab a coffee and to arrive to work. I no longer find myself scrambling to get ready before work and haven’t had to rush out of my front door in a late panic.

The stress of being late, or not being able to find something can totally throw off your entire day. These days, I have time to have a tea in the morning, to catch up on my e-mails or to read a book. Starting the morning off in a relaxed way is something I am now so grateful for.


I am notorious for buying a cute daily planner, and then not touching it at all for weeks on end. Now, I write in my daily planner every single day. I write my weekly goals, daily reminders, recipes and other plans I have for myself. I also have a spot in my planner for affirmations and inspiration to keep me motivated. I find that writing these out help me to keep my goals in check and to remind myself of important dates and tasks. Life can be so incredibly busy and I can’t imagine how I’d stay organized and on top of everything without my planner!


We’ve all found ourselves scrolling through our phones aimlessly before bed for who knows how long. Now, rather than have my phone by my side before bed, I lock it into my desk, set my alarm (not my phone alarm) and read or write in my journal. It’s amazing how much time we can spend glued to our phones without realizing how much time we’re truly losing. Reading or writing in a journal before bed is a much better way to end the day than on our phones.


At the end of the day, I do my best to reflect in my journal. Other than writing about my day, I make sure to write about what one thing I did to pursue my goals that day. I find that if I write about the steps that I’m taking each day to pursue my goals, I’m more likely to follow through with them. Sometimes, I just need a place to vent where I can let everything go on paper. I’ve found this to be such a lovely way to clear my mind and to release any anxieties or stresses I had throughout the day. It’s a simple but great habit to introduce into your daily life.


This is something I honestly never understood and couldn’t wrap my head around. So many people seemed to be prepping their meals, but was it honestly necessary? It’s so much easier prepping your meals at the beginning of the week and knowing what you’ll be cooking throughout the week. You save time and never have to make an emergency stop to buy food because you don’t have anything ready. I’ve been able to eat so much healthier simply by prepping my meals and knowing what I’m making during the week. It turns out, it’s an incredibly helpful habit to have!

What are some daily habits that you swear by? Are there any habits you’ve found to make positive changes in your life? I’d love to hear them!

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