With the holidays coming up around the corner, the time for self-reflecting is upon us! The holidays are one of my favorite times to meditate on the year that has passed.

A New Year invites the opportunity to look back on past struggles, to use them as a guide to kick old habits, and work on the parts of ourselves that need love and light. Here are ten goals you can set for the holidays to help get the New Years off on a positive start!

The outdoors has a way of grounding us. It allows us to return to ourselves after being overwhelmed with daily responsibilities. Leave your phone at home, pack a bag and spend the day outside with yourself or a friend and nature!


Everyone has a hobby they once loved but have gotten too busy to do. Is there something you once loved and made you happy, that you haven’t done in months, or even years? Indulge in what you love to do and make some time for the hobbies you’ve forgotten.


Think about what you’ve struggled with in the past few weeks, months or year. Realize what you see as your obstacles and accept them. Don’t judge yourself or harshly criticize yourself for what you need working on. Accept that everyone has their flaws, and dedicate this time to work on yourself!


The holiday season is all about giving, but one thing that we can easily forget is to give back to ourselves during this time. Make yourself a priority for the holidays. Take care of yourself, and give yourself the love, positive affirmation and encouragement you’d give to those closest to you!


This may sound simple as ever and unnecessary, but it’s something I constantly tend to forget to do. Writing down your goals gives you a reason to pursue them. It becomes more of a reality when you write your goals down on paper and acknowledge them.

What goals have you set for yourself these holidays? I’d love to hear about them!