As we grow and change, naturally our bodies evolve as well.

But what changes should we expect in our 30’s and how can we prep?

We identified 5 major events that take place as you turn and transition through your 30’s and what you can do to tackle 30 year old woman body changes.

1. Metabolism Slows Down

At and after year 30, you might be noticing that those late night meals are quickly becoming LBs on the scale. Your metabolism tends to slow down the older you get, therefore creating a likely environment to pack on pounds quicker than you’re used to.

What Can I Do About It? 

Eat Fruits & Veggies

Make it a priority to eat foods that help your metabolism – only eat junk food in moderation (if at all) and instead seek out nutritional food that you enjoy. One of my favorite ways to get my daily fix of fruits and veggies is through a blended green juice complete with spinach, bananas and apples. There are many juicing recipes out there but I’ve found this to be the quickest, tastiest solution. Ultimately everything is about balance – you only live once (YOLO) so indulge in the foods you love, but prioritize your nutrition as well.

Stock the Fridge 

Another trick I’ve found that helps me to eat well is regular trips to Wholefoods or to a market of choice. When you have food in the fridge it’s easier to not find yourself in the nearest drive-thru line after a long day of work, simply because you’ll feel guilty spending time and money on fast food when you have food at home.

Cook Dinner & Make Leftovers

With the rise of fresh food delivery services, multi-purpose slow cookers and endless Youtube cooking tutorials, preparing dinner in an instant has become easier than ever. Cooking your own food will most likely contain less ingredients, making for an output of lighter meals and smaller portions. You can also prepare enough food for lunch the following day, serving as portion control, willpower to not visit your favorite burger joint and not to mention, a sure fire way to save some dough.    


Find a workout routine that you actually enjoy whether that be yoga, pilates, running etc. and stick to it. Even if you hate working out, become of the mindset that working out is the key to your health, a long life, better sleep, increased energy, improved mood and more.

Hate Pumping Iron? Try these Tips:

  • Commit to 10 Minutes A Day 

With our busy schedules it may be hard to keep consistent, but try to get in a sweat even if it means committing to 10 minutes before work each morning and scaling up to start. The key is to just start and you’ll feel great once you get into a rhythm and begin releasing endorphins on a consistent basis.

  • Pack Your Headphones 

A way that I have been able to increase my workout duration is by listening to podcasts, making it easy to get lost in what I’m listening to instead of counting down the seconds until I can escape.

  • Work Out from Home 

Half the battle to working out is getting to the gym. While the environment is fun and inspiring, nothing sucks more than a long drive to or from the gym. So if you don’t have a gym at your house, check out some fitness Youtubers that inspire you to have an action packed at home workout sesh. My favorite Youtube Fitness Coach is Yoga With Adriene.

2. Wrinkles


Throughout your journey to 30, you may notice a few dips in the road and I’m not just talking about life, wrinkles may start to make a cameo. Wrinkles in your 30s can be annoying, luckily we have many preventative anti-aging techniques available to us. Below are some tips on how to prevent wrinkles in your 30s.

What Can I Do About It? 

SPF & Moisturizer

If this isn’t already apart of your daily skin care routine, bring it onboard asap. Dry skin creates the perfect climate for wrinkles to develop. Excessive sun exposure ages the skin eventually producing dark spots, age spots, dull patches and wrinkles. There’s nothing wrong with being a 30 something beach babe catching some rays, just make sure you protect yo’ self.


This technique removes the the top layer of  your face that likely contains dead skin cells, blocking the baby-like layers below the surface. If you are looking to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin, I recommend participating in this treatment regularly. (Checkout my holy grail affordable microdermabrasion method that changed my skin here.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

There are so many different creams out there, each working uniquely for different skin types. Find an eye cream and a face cream that pairs well with your skin type. Applying the best anti-wrinkle cream is known as a popular thing to do before 30 in order to prevent wrinkles – just because you don’t have a bunch of wrinkles now doesn’t mean they won’t develop – take preventative measures to combat them.

3. Memory

As we age, so does our ability to remember things. A study found that 18-34 year olds are more likely to forget what day it is or where they put their keys than baby boomers! Have you noticed your inability to remember that song title you used to be able to announce at the drop of a hat? Or what’s the new guy’s name in accounting? Or the numerous times you’ve walked into the kitchen only to be stumped by the fact that you went there? According  Be Brain Fit many of these memory challenges are normal, but here’s some tips for keeping that ol’ noggin’ in tip top shape:

What Can I Do About It? 


Eat Food Rich in Vitamin B & D calls out vitamin deficiencies that affect memory and how to nourish memory through taking vitamins or eating foods rich in Vitamin B, such as whole grains, potatoes, nuts, poultry, leafy green vegetables and foods rich in Vitamin D like fortified dairy and fish.

Read & Write

These are two ways to always keep our brains going. If you were on the fence about beefing up your summer reading list, hopefully you’ll feel better knowing your steamy romance novel is an added exercise tool for your mind.

Memory Games & Crossword Puzzles

There are endless addictive app store games that double as memory boosters. So I invite you to be a kid again with the best excuse yet! Get downloading your favorite memory games and try to play them at least once a week.


If you are one to get on trend bandwagons, then take note of this one. Not only is mediation supposed to be helpful to clear your mind and reduce stress, but some say it could improve memory as well. If you haven’t downloaded the Headspace app, be sure to add this or a like-type app to your arsenal asap. For those who have challenges falling asleep they may double as an aid to getting Zzzs as well.

4. Gray Hairs

Does gray bring out the color in your eyes? We sure hope so because if you haven’t had a visit from your silver friend yet, be sure to be on the lookout. Plucking just brings those suckers back to life, so how do you cope? If all else fails join the gray-hair trend for a stunning, yet spunky look at 30!

What Can I Do About It? 

Mascara Mask

One of the best things about turning 30, is the wisdom it brings. But with that wisdom comes stands of wisdom, so If you notice an unexpected gray hair, a quick way to get coverage in an instant is to pass a streak of mascara across the strand ensuring stealth mode for the day.

Keep Stress At Bay

Stressing, especially over the small stuff is not only not worth your time, but is a gray streak’s dream climate. Stress affects more than just your hair so deciding to be stress-free is a habit you would be glad to perfect. Discover other Habits for Mastering 30 here.

Coconut Oil

If you are looking for some natural ways to reverse the gray epidemic, Honey Colony suggests adding coconut oil directly or mixing it with your fave shampoo as a leave-in overnight mask for an intense gray hair treatment reversal.

Decreases in Chances for Pregnancy

Since we are born with 1-2 million eggs, that significantly decreases overtime, by the time we reach our 30s our chances of pregnancy change.

According to, between age 30-34, we have a 86% chance of getting pregnant in a first year’s attempt. While fertility at 30 is still relatively high, your chances for miscarriage will have risen 20% (from 10% at age 25-29).  Closer to your 35th birthday there’s still a 78% chance of conceiving, however after age 35, fertility declines and miscarriage chances increase.

What Can You Do About It? 

Have a Plan

It’s important for you and your partner to be on the same page – you shouldn’t conceive just because you are 30 if you aren’t truly ready. However, if you are ready for this next step, modern technologically has taken out a lot of the guess work in your fertility window. A cool tool that I’ve seen rising up lately is a thermometer and app duo that works to understand your body and cycle while accurately predicting your unique fertility opportunity.

Consult Your Doctor

If you are not pregnant at 30 or are having trouble getting pregnant in your 30s, you aren’t the only one – celebrities and actresses in their 30s can be faced with this challenge as well. mentions that If you are before age 35 and are struggling for more than 9 months to a year to get pregnant, you should consult with your physician. After age 35, you should consult your doctor after 6 months of trying. Sometimes simple changes in your weight, diet and lifestyle could be adjusted to increase your changes.

Understand Alternate Options

If you aren’t ready to get pregnant or are in your 30s and single, perhaps you want to research options like freezing your eggs. Adoption, fostering children or surrogacy are also other common options woman consider.


What changes have you noticed to your body in your thirties and do you have any fun remedies for women in their 30s?