If there’s one thing that’s helped me get through these past few weeks, it’s my self-care days. Focusing on the joys in life and practicing self-care have kept me feeling much more grounded lately. Having a strong self-care routine has helped me feel a lot more calm in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. It definitely feels like there’s been a bit of that around lately. So, I’ve started to have self-care days a few days a week to help stay feeling uplifted.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Some days, your self-care routine may be a pamper day. Other days it might be a mental-care day filled with journaling & reflecting. Sometimes, self-care means letting go of stress and doing absolutely nothing. Whatever it looks like, a self-care day is meant to make you feel a sense of ease. This list is a mix of self-care practices I like to do that bring me joy. I hope they can bring a little bit of joy into your day too.

Color & Get Creative

Adult coloring books are everything I need right now and more. Going back to coloring has reminded me why kids love it so much. It’s fun, relaxing, and totally all consuming! When I’m coloring, I’m thinking about my coloring. What color should I use next? Do these colors work together? It’s a great way to clear your mind of your thoughts and worries and to simply be in the moment.

A Beauty Inspired Self-Care Day

Lately, my skin and hair have been getting the 5-star treatment they deserve. From homemade face masks to hair masks and baths, I’ve been pampering myself on a near daily basis. Since we’re all spending time indoors, it’s not always easy to feel beautiful when you’ve nowhere to go and have spent the last three days in your pajamas. Make a homemade face mask, give yourself a manicure and have a relaxing bath. Treat your skin and hair- give it time to breathe during this break.

Go For a Walk + Sit Outside

Birds are chirping joyfully, the flowers are blooming and leaves are budding, showing the early signs of Spring. There’s something so refreshing about going outside in the Spring, especially lately. Go for a walk early in the morning to start off your day. I can promise you you’ll feel better after it.

If you can, take some time out of your day to sit outside. I love to sit outside and read, or do a bit of work even if it’s just for half an hour in the day. This is on almost all self-care lists I’ve read, and it’s for good reason. Spend as much time as you can out in nature, especially during times when you feel low or stuck at home.

Read an Inspiring Book

I’ve been drawn to inspiring books lately. Now is the time to read a book or two (or a dozen) that’ll lift your spirits in moments of doubt. There are plenty of inspiring books out there to choose right now. Some of my favourites and tbr include: Girl, Stop Apologizing and Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis, Becoming by Michelle Obama, Eat Pray Love and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Poetry can also be inspiring during times of uncertainty. If you haven’t read poetry but are willing to give it a try, check out The Good Trade’s guide on how to read poetry.

What are some ways you’ve been practicing self-care during these times? Do you find it easier to implement self-care days during the quarantine? I’d love to hear your thoughts.