So the big day where you leave the world of 20 and meet 30 is quickly approaching, but are you scratching your heading on what to do for your 30th birthday? If you are looking for how to celebrate 30 years on this planet, look no further, we’ve got you covered on the best 30th birthday ideas!

Spa Day For A Relaxing 30th Birthday

Personally, I love the spa and I am at my happiest place when I can relax and get pampered. My favorite spa day was at Lapis in Fontainebleau in Miami. The facilities are the most breathtaking and relaxing grounds that I’ve been too.

Pick a spa you enjoy and invite your significant other or if you are crushing it being single at 30, invite your girlfriends for a fun-filled day of relaxation, food, drinks and great convos (mostly about how you are going to be a badass at 30 years old /young)!

Foreign Trip or Travel Somewhere New 

If this is what you chose, I will live vicariously through you because I absolutely hate flying, especially if your 30th birthday trip ideas involve long hours of flight time. However, going to a foreign location refreshes your mind and resets expectations, which is perfect timing for the 30 year old you. It’s also an experience filled with memories you’ll never forget, which is just what the doctor ordered for achieving your new milestone.

Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To

On my 25th birthday I traded in my car for a brand new whip. It was always something I wanted and a special way for me to mark the accomplishment of the halfway point of my 20s. You can buy something you’ve always wanted, get that hairstyle you’ve been eyeing or move forward with that house you just can’t live without.

Indoor Skydiving  

I’ve heard that people use skydiving to signify a right of passage or a wish list item to check off their bucket list. If you are too scared to jump out of an actual plane (like me), Indoor Skydiving is a great substitute. It’s kinda like the real thing and if someone asks if you’ve ever been skydiving you can proudly say “Yes” but just strategically leave out the whole lack of “a plane in the sky” part.

If you’re looking for a pretty fun yet symbolic way to celebrate your 30th with friends, give this a shot!

30th Birthday Dinner

Depends on what you consider epic, but I will say spending an evening when my friends and family is invaluable and creates the foundation for great times. Great conversation, strong alcohol, your favorite dishes and laughter make for an epic night. Need we say more?

 Road Trip

Gather all of your besties and (or) partner and hit the road to the nearest (or furthest) town. The car ride, complete with your birthday song and party playlist, never have I ever and your inability to not get lost will be one for the books.

 30th Birthday Party

If you are looking to do it big to celebrate the arrival of 3-0, love to dance all night, listen to great music and be surrounded by loved ones, this may be an option for you. Plan a party and invite all your favorite people. You can host it at your home for a more intimate setting or rent out a space for something bigger.

Outdoor Activity with Friends

If you love working out and have a passion for the outdoors consider turning your work out into a fun celebration. Make a 30th birthday hike to the top of a mountain, host a bonfire, go camping/ glamping or participate in a mud run or color run.

 Attend an Event

Is your favorite sports team playing or your favorite band performing? How about a play you’ve been wanting to see? Checkout Ticketmaster or Eventbrite to see what special events are aligned with your special day. If there are no events in your area, consider expanding your search radius to up the ante for 30.

Meet Your Goal

This one is my favorite because pairing a goal with the inception of your 30th bday can make it very memorable. This can be something in addition to your preferred bday festivities. You’ll want to plan your goal 6 months to even a year before. Some goal examples are being debt free, reaching your desired weight or even starting that dream business. Whatever your goal may be plan ahead and you’ll be grateful you did because you will have this memory forever.

So there you have it, these were some ideas of the things to do for 30th birthday.

Keep in mind that these tips and ideas can apply as things to do for your 30th birthday, 35th birthday and beyond!

What epic ways have you celebrated your birthday’s?

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