30th Birthday Ideas For Your Husband

Lately, a lot of women have asked me how to make their husband’s birthday special. So, here you can find some of my tips. My idea is to make the entire day special. So, there is something extraordinary happening throughout the day. Start with the morning as soon as he wakes up.

Tip 1

Make a surprise with decorations in your washroom. You can do this with lipstick or paint, or simply cut and stick hardship papers. This will bring him a morning smile.

Tip 2

Serve him a beautiful breakfast platter. This looks difficult, but you need to go a little out of your way to make this day special, keep his likes and mind, and design your platter.

Tip 3

Create a special walkway for him just outside your room. So, when he steps out, he has a special aisle to walk. This can be created simply by joining chart papers or spreading some beautiful petals or simply by cutting and sticking heart-shaped papers on the floor. You can also write some beautiful lovely messages for him on these.

Tip 4

Lunch since breakfast was heavy and the dinner is going to be heavy too. You can go easy on this one just make a meal that he will relish.

Tip 5

I’m sure, most husbands are fond of sports. Playing with him his favorite board game, card game, or video game. In case this is not of your interest, simply let him have his own time with sports.

Tip 6

Movie time! This can be done in the afternoon on early evening. Make a movie ticket like this either by hand or design it on WhatsApp and send it to him. The ticket mentions his name, the movie time, and his favorite movie, that you are going to watch. The theater can be the living room, the seat which is as age. You can also make tickets for the family in case they’re going to join in too. Now you need to set up the room like this: spread some mattresses and pillows, and create a den. Make a movie time tray for him and enjoy the movie together.

Tip 7

Create a dance party ambiance at home. Make a playlist in advance of all the party songs and have a full-on dance gig. You can invite his friends to this dance party on a video call.

Tip 8

The cake-cutting can happen at this disco. Throw some confetti on him once he cuts the cake and doesn’t forget to give him worthy bucks or kisses.

Tip 9

Dinner date in the morning. Give him a specially designed menu card like this and ask him to select it. Take all that he would like to eat. So, you can prepare this throughout the day. Make the menu interesting starting right from appetizers to the main course to desserts. You can also add a special bar menu and then create a tent-like this with fairy lights and candles and enjoy a lovely candlelight dinner together or a set of a beautiful table like this and host a family gala dinner.

Tip 10

Gift him this special birthday coupons, that he can use as a relief for the entire week. Like breakfast and Ben coffee, delivery from the kitchen, dinner of his choice, a pub night with friends, in the future no dishes to wash. Today he gets the remote. He wins the argument. He can wake up late and more or any of your choices to all this. You can add a gift too since Amazon is always there for rescue hope.


These tips help you surprise your husband and make his day super. I’ll see you next time on my blog with more party tips and ideas!

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