15 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

This is for so many people, wondering if they’re in the right relationship or not. If you are not with your soul mate, then he is not the one. Want to know how you found your soul mate? I made the ultimate list of signs that you found your soul mate!

I wrote this initially as a letter to my fiancé to thank him for all that he does, but I think many people will find use and hopefully guidance in this. It is written using examples from our personal relationship, but can be used to compare to your own relationship to know if you found the one. In my opinion, if I am anything less then what is the point? If you are already experiencing all of these problems and non-alignments, how do you plan on being happy for the rest of your life? That is a long time!

I am so incredibly lucky to be writing this, and I am not even sure where to start. I let my amazing husband know every day how much he means to me, but I pray the repetitiveness never gets old. No words, text, blog post, video, or any form of communication can truly capture the words to depict just how grateful I am that God chose us to share this miraculous love. It barely feels real that I get to share my life with a man more perfect than what I had ever prayed for. I can go on and on for hours, days, and weeks about what he does for me and how he makes me feel, but I am not just telling the world this for no reason. I am not looking for envy or hatred. Actually, I am not even looking for a “congratulations”, but rather to remind the world that THESE MEN ARE OUT THERE! … and it makes no sense to settle for less.

First of all, to my amazing man, I vow to always do anything I can to reciprocate the amazing feeling that you give me every day. Even right now while I am not happy about my shift at work (that’s a whole separate story), I can’t help but look over at you in complete awe as you pet our sweet 4 legged baby that I brought into your life but you have loved as your own since day 1. She adores you just as much as I do. Thank you so much for everything you do every single day. You are incredible and that means the world to us. I pray to always make you as happy as you make us.

1. He Makes Your Life Easier

I know I have my soulmate because he simply makes my life easier, every single day. Actually, I am thoroughly convinced that his sole mission in life is to do anything in his power to make my life a breeze. Whether that is the truth or not, that is how he makes me feel and that’s all that matters. He barely lets me lift a finger when I am home and he never lets me stress … anything. I don’t touch a door when he’s around, I don’t carry anything (not even my purse sometimes), and I don’t pump my own gas.. I could go on and on and on and on with a list of things he does every day to make my life easy but then I would never get this published. If that isn’t every girl’s dream then I don’t know what is.

2. It Is The Right Time

I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”. Your struggles build you up to be exactly who you are supposed to be. You have to be at the right place in life to make it work with your soul mate. Now, I’m not looking to become a relationship counselor but sometimes you have to go through the wrong relationships to make you ready for the right one. Learn what you are supposed to learn so you can move on and move UP!I am grateful for what me and my fiancé have both gone through in our pasts because it has built the perfectly stitched man that I adore. He didn’t know it all of these years but he has been learning to become the perfect husband for his perfect someone, and that someone happens to be ME! We are perfect for each other because of what our unperfected pasts have taught us. When we grew, God felt it was the right time and now here we are. This would not be happening if it wasn’t the right time.

3. He Genuinely Wants Whats Best For You

No matter what is going on in life he will always be rooting for me. He always makes sure I eat throughout the day, and he reminds me to drink water. He always genuinely wants what is best for me to be healthy and successful. He literally carries me to bed when I am tired, whether I want him to or not … and I am not the smallest girl. He doesn’t do this because I am a brat and I cannot walk but because he genuinely would rather exert more energy so I can exert less. Ok, so after writing that down, it sounds a bit ridiculous but I am just very grateful that someone on this earth loves me that much.

4. He is never Jealous or PETTY

NOBODY poses a threat to our relationship. Not that he ever goes out to bars or clubs, but I don’t have to worry about who he is around or what he is doing. I know that he loves and cherishes what he has at home so much that he would NEVER endanger that. Nothing is worth it. We know that we are the only ones. Period. I almost feel bad when my friends and acquaintances complain about their love life. Whether they are single, married, or dating I just can’t seem to relate to their problems. I hear stories about the petty things that our friends do to their significant other to “get them back” and I just can not relate. We do not do anything malicious toward each other and there is never a reason to “get even”. We don’t count favors or hold things against each other. We only keep score when we go bowling. We both just love making each other happy. We both give our all and it is perfect.

5. Communication is Key

We do not argue, we talk. This sounds unrealistic but if there is a problem (which there rarely are), we talk it out. This is actually the major key to our amazing relationship and the reason that we are so perfect. We talk about everything … and I mean EVERYTHING! I know about his morning poops and his deepest fears. We share our dreams & passions, and go through our hard times side-by-side. Because we communicate about absolutely everything, my fiancé is my absolute best friend. I can’t stress enough how critical this is to have a successful relationship. Even when I do not want to talk, he forces it out of me. There is never a time where he allows us to go to bed angry at each other. We talk out our problems instead of ignoring each other or talking bad about each other. I know far too many couples that just cannot grasp this concept, which makes me much more grateful to be with somebody so amazing. If he knows something is bothering me, even outside of our relationship, he always makes me talk about it. And we tackle it together.

6. He Will Apologize & Give In

This is a tough one because ego’s are so powerful and they can be so dangerous, but it goes hand in hand with good communication. We both know how to apologize which is so crucial. I don’t think I need to explain why. We would rather work through problems than hold grudges and anger. We both know how to apologize, but many times men have the biggest problem with this. I am so grateful that he can always put his pride aside when it comes to me to apologize and work through things (not that we disagree often). Even if that means giving in, just to make your partner happy. He always does this for me, even if it is something such as sharing a meal that I want but he doesn’t. He would rather see me happy than to enjoy a different meal more. I seriously love him so much!

7.  He Will Do Anything To Make You Happy

I often come home to small gifts and/or flowers. This means the world to me! After a long day of work or whatever I am doing, he thought to surprise me when I walk in the door just to see my face light up. He does it genuinely for the smile and enjoyment that he can see on my face. That is love. It is not about the money, but the fact that he wants to make me happy and he takes the time to do that – even with our crazy schedules. He works more than 70 hours a week, but still goes out of his way to make sure that a weight is lifted off my shoulders when I get home. I am so blessed. When it comes to making decisions, he always lets me get my way. Even when I try to let him have his way, he still lets me choose. For example, he will happily order food to share that he doesn’t even care for just because he knows that I want it. Again, the examples could go on and on.

8. He Supports All of Your Goals

I am seriously so grateful that he supports every one of my goals and dreams. I am at a really weird place in life where I want to do everything all at once. I am a creator and often find different outlets to express myself. Because of my extreme curiosity and creativity, I have a new hobby all the time. I appreciate my fiancé so much for never complaining, but rather always supporting my new hobbies. Many times this requires going to buy new art supplies, although we just got some for the last project.. he happily agrees because he genuinely loves to see me happy.

Along with always buying me new supplies for my hobbies so I can continue them, he genuinely loves to see everything that I create and if he has time he will jump in and help. Many times I do not want to show a blog post because I am a perfectionist. I don’t want people reading my work unless it is perfect, which it will never be. This is something that I am working on, as I see that it is something that holds far too many people back. Having this support of knowing that he loves all of my work makes it so much easier for me to be confident in everything that I create – whether it is content, paintings, pictures, motivational bracelets, or whatever else I decide to try at the time.

9. He Understands When You’re Busy

For most people, this is where I would write that “he understands when you need alone time” because I understand that most people need that. Personally, I don’t need or want alone time and I can hang out with my fiancé all day every day. But I understand that normal people want alone time, and your significant other HAS to accept and respect that. If it becomes a problem every time you want alone time, you’re setting yourself up for a short relationship. At the moment, my fiancé and I are busy all day at least 5 days a week so we do not see each other much. This may be the reason I do not feel the need to ever be away from him. Ideally, we will work from home (or wherever we want) together .. not having to check into a particular location that we don’t want to.Since I do not like my alone time, I have to be productive when he is around. I am so grateful that he doesn’t get upset that I am distracted when we are relaxing. Instead of cuddling, I am working on my latest project or blog post. Sometimes I am researching things for my blog or making new connection cuffs for my etsy store. I am so grateful for support instead of annoyance. He helps me every chance that he can. It would be hard to be happy if I were afraid to do things while he is home with me.

10. He Shares Your Goals

Long term we want the same things. Our family goals align as well as our lifestyle goals. We are easily able to make decisions together because we want the same things. Even if we have a different way of reaching those goals, we are reaching toward them together. Aside from that, we hold the same ethics and values which is incredibly important considering we will be raising children together. We have the same beliefs and we express them. We really are the perfect match.

11. He Loves Your Flaws

I have MANY flaws and he loves them all. He knows them all and embraces them all. He fills in my missing pieces and finishes my sentences. If I was missing one screw, he is THAT screw, the screw driver and the handy-man. I am not going to go on and on about both of our flaws on here since it is public, but just know we both make each other feel good about whatever it is we consider to be a flaw.

12. He Always Lifts You Up – Never Puts You Down

We don’t have yelling matches where we curse at each other. We don’t call each other names or put each other down. We would never wish negativity upon each other. Remember those flaws we just talked about? he doesn’t use them against me to make me feel down about anything. EVER! These are not actions that you take with your soul mate. I couldn’t even imagine doing that with this man, and I can tell you that was NOT the case with some people from my past. Trust me. Get you a man that LIFTS YOU UP!

13. You Love Being With Him

I spend every second possible with him and he loves it just as much as I do. We truly value every minute together. I have been in situations where I didn’t even want to go home because I would rather be out. If that is the case, you are not with the right one. There’s nobody I would rather be with than my man. In his presence is where I feel “home”.

14. You Laugh Together

I don’t think I know anyone funnier than my fiancé. He makes me laugh even when I am upset and don’t want to crack a smile. Every day he has the most priceless “dad jokes” that he can’t wait to tell me, and his knock knock jokes never get old. He is so incredibly witty and I love every ounce of his huge personality. I know that is because he was made just for ME! Nobody can handle it or enjoy it more than I do.

15. You Do All Of Those Things Just As Much

In the above list, I focused on why my fiancé is my soul mate but I didn’t include myself much. It is just as crucial to know that I also, try to, do everything in the above list. I swear he just blows me right out of the water because he is just incredible but he is so appreciative that he would never allow me to feel like I am doing less. I don’t think many people understand the magnitude of that. I am the luckiest girl on the planet.

*Bonus: He Shares His Food!!!

I add this as a bonus because I understand that it may not be as important to other people. I am not joking when I say this might be my number 2 absolute most important thing in a relationship. I have an obsession with eating my fiancé’s food and I am so grateful that he is ok with it. Even if we order the same exact thing, he always shares with me. I swear, he is the absolute BEST!

Side note: He always says that he is the second best, followed by the cutest wink – Implying that I am the best,I do not share these things to boast or brag, but to let you know that these men ARE still out there and there is no reason to settle for less! When I hear stories of people settling for relationships that are clearly going nowhere it breaks my heart. There is a man out there that wants to treat you like absolute royalty, girl! I just can’t understand why someone would rather argue over petty little things. That gets tiring. I get tired just hearing about it. Honey, do not settle for less. I am begging you.

Many people that have met us, and especially people that know us personally, are obsessed with our relationship. Our personalities are awesome separately so when we bring them together it is really something magical. Would you tune in if we started a Youtube channel? What would you like to see? We may have something in the works *insert wink*. I know that there are many more signs that someone is truly your soul mate. Do you have more that you would like to add to this list? Comment below! Tell us about your soul mate!

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