Hello lovely readers! Can you believe that we’re already over halfway through November? I’m officially in Christmas mode and spending my days thinking up the best gifts to buy my family and friends would be. November is a month filled with excitement towards the holidays and I often feel so inspired during the months leading up to Christmas!

I’m starting a new series that I’ll post near the end of each month where I share 10 uplifting and inspiring things I’ve encountered. From articles that have inspired me to things or facts I’ve stumbled upon- I’ll be sharing ten each month.

Here is my 10 things November roundup

1. This list of 20 reminders for the struggling 20-something. In other words, if you’re looking for some reaffirmation that you’re doing okay just where you are; read this article!

2. This amazing book filled with vegan recipes for power bowls. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not *yet* the best of cooks. However, I’ve been really trying to up my cooking game lately. I’ve been using this book this week and am so excited about these delicious recipes!

3. Write down what you are grateful for at the beginning of each month. In addition to acknowledging what I’m grateful for, I practice drawing attention to the joys in my life. This has brought so much joy into my life by simply being aware of all I am blessed with!

4. A helpful article about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Since winter is nearly here, it’s so helpful to read about ways to combat feeling low during these colder months.

5. Erin’s inspirational Instagram about all things outdoors, travel, and ethics. In addition to her amazing blog, I’ve been following her Instagram for a few years now, and she never fails to inspire and motivate me towards growth.

6. The Toronto Christmas Market opening last week! If you can’t tell from the photo in this blog post, I am beyond excited to visit the market again this year. Above all, I’m most excited for the mulled wine and Christmas feels!

7. This awesome high-protein vegetarian cookbook. Guys, this book is amazing so far. In addition to being vegetarian and delicious, they’re so easy to make! Similarly to the book above, it has delicious and quick-to-make everyday recipes. I’ve found that I’ve genuinely developed a newfound confidence in my ability to cook!

8. Taking more Polaroid photos with my new Instax Mini Camera. I honestly love taking photos with my Instax Mini and having a physical photo in the moment. The photos are a lot more fun and spontaneous than taking pictures on your iPhone which I love!

9. All of the stunning Christmas and Winter inspiration on Pinterest lately! I can’t get enough of the photos hyping me up for the holidays.

10. This Gratitude Journal. This five minute journal is meant to help boost your productivity and happiness through routine. In other words, I’m definitely in need of a journal that’ll help me with my productivity. It’s currently on my wishlist as I’d love to start my new year off with it.